"Final Fantasy Vii" is one of the greatest games ever created, according to many fans. Everything from the combat system to the incredible story is simply incredible and memorable. Even people who may have never played will probably still recognize Cloud's gigantic Buster Sword and will have seen Cloud Strife before. I've spent many days and nights wandering the word of "Final Fantasy VII" looking for all the material possible to add to my party to make sure I have the strongest team to face Sephiroth when the time comes. Chocobo racing, grinding, discovering hidden teammates, and majestic wizards and gods laying waste to your enemies are just a few of the features from this classic Rpg, but there are some things you may not know or remember.

Here are five things you (probably) didn't know about "Final Fantasy VII."

He did how much damage?

Vincent is probably the coolest character you can play as. Finding him in a creepy old house, you can invite him to come along on your adventure. With his ultimate weapon, it's possible to do so much damage that the game cannot even calculate it, and instead will show a random sequence of symbols and automatically kill the enemy. Not bad for a guy you found laying around in a coffin.

Shinra means what?

I always just thought Shinra was code for "jerks trying to destroy everything and experiment on people." Don't listen to me, though, I'm completely wrong.

Shinra comes from Egyptian mythology, where a Shinra is a minor vampire-bat type monster. That's a lot creepier than I thought and makes me want to Buster Sword them in the face all the more.

Aeries isn't coming back

The moment that hit us all hard was the death or Aeries.

No, we cant use a phoenix down either. Rumors swirled for years that there were ways you could bring Aeries back from the dead. These were finally put to rest as developer Tetsuya Nomura dispelled any rumors, saying she was always meant to die and would not come back in any future installments of the series. Take a moment of silence for our favorite flower girl.

Potty mouths

I didn't realize how much swearing there was in this game when I was younger. This is the first in the series to use profanity and many uses of profanity are semi-filtered using symbols in place of words. For the 1998 release on PC this was toned down further. Than again, Barrett was one big cussing machine.

Are we on Earth, or not?

I always imagined "Final Fantasy VII" taking place on a futurist-styled Earth. There is little support for this idea, though, as in one frame the world is labeled "Gaza.

" However, there is a shred of evidence to support the Earth idea. In one of Sephiroth's attacks, he destroys planets such as Jupiter and Pluto before reaching the Sun and completely obliterating it, and the force travels back to Earth and damages your party of characters. Interesting, right?