"Destiny 2's" next update (1.1.4) will be rolled later this month as it is said to bring more changes into the game. This will soon be followed up by update 1.2.0 in May which will include the game's second DLC. The game's player base, on the other hand, never seizes to voice out their rants, opinions, and suggestions to Bungie as it has been observed that the developer is more engaged to its gaming community lately.

Cozmo on PTR

For the uninitiated, Bungie has been teasing some tidbits about what to expect in "Destiny 2's" future contents. The game maker even took to the Destiny subreddit to answer some questions and some of them were pretty much interesting.

Jon Weisnewski from Bungie's Sandbox team had tweeted something about the Sturm and Drang and how they are performing well within their playtests. However, some fans are a bit skeptic about it as they began questioning the devs' skills in playing their own game. This led to a suggestion that the game maker should include their player base to these tests adding that a public test realm (PTR) should be introduced in the game.

Bungie's Cozmo responded to this as he revealed that their new Community Manager – dmg04 – was the one wielding those weapons during the playtests adding that he was "pretty good." He also stated that he too was a participant as he claims that he played fairly decent.

As for the PTR suggestion, he stated that he's down with the idea and would love to see it in the game someday.

He added that he'll be notifying the dev team about it as he will be deeming it as the high priority for the community.

Exotic changes hinted

A member of the said subreddit also pitched in an idea about the Exotic Auto Rifle – the Hard Light - giving it the ability to switch energy archetype similar to what Borealis does.

Cozmo then responded on a positive note and has revealed that this particular tweak is actually included in the Exotic weapon changes in update 1.2.0. He further explained that they already had it in the build adding that they've been playtesting it.

Another player then brought the Borealis to the discussion asking if there are some changes being done to it.

Cozmo replied that it is down the pipeline as he revealed that his team has plans of making it "moar Exotic-er." Furthermore, he stated that details about these tweaks will be disclosed as soon as update 1.1.4 goes live on March 27. In the meantime, check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: