"Sea Of Thieves" was officially released on March 20 to the delight of many. Along with Rare's highly anticipated release came the stories of legendary pirates, the first of which would become a part of "Sea of Thieves" lore.

It took less than 10 days for someone to claim the first legendary pirate status, something even Rare said would take several weeks. Prod1gyX, a popular Twitch streamer is the first player to hit that major milestone, sharing information with other gamers about what the legendary quest entails.

That all seems great and we're happy to know what is expected of those seeking legendary status.

However, there's a huge drama brewing among the players about how Prod1gyX beat everyone to reach legendary first. Many don't feel like he deserves the accolades that come along with it.

Becoming a legendary pirate

On "Sea of Thieves," players have to reach level 50 in all three factions just to get the legendary quests. It's not an easy feat. The faction quests make players battle with skeleton pirates, gather pigs and chickens, solve riddles and race across the ocean and trying to avoid huge storms that will sink a ship, getting eaten by sharks, and also other players that may or may not be friendly. There's really no reliable way to tell.

In a game where everyone is a pirate, it can take a player weeks or months to reach those levels, if they ever do at all.

With more ways to lose your loot than there are to gain it, moving up levels is a time consuming and tedious process.

The controversy

Popular Twitch streamer Prod1gyX wanted to be the first legendary pirate, just like a lot of other eager fans of the game. However, he had a plan and a fanbase that ended up making it possible.

The reason why many "Sea of Thieves" players feel that Prod1gyX is unworthy of the legendary pirate title is due to the method in which he got it. The popular Twitch streamer called on his fans to Play The Game too. Then, after they had completed voyages and had treasure to unload, he would jump on their crews and get credit for their cash in.

You see, in "Sea of Thieves," pirates don't gain experience or level up as they kill skeletons or find treasure. The entire leveling system is based on turning loot in. That means a player can level up rather quickly without actually being very good at the game at all. That is what players are saying about Prod1gyX and that is why they don't believe he deserves to be the first legendary pirate.

What constitutes cheating

Rare has warned about cheating in "Sea of Thieves" and it'll get you banned from the game.

Since the game is multi-platform, there has been some talk about hackers using programs to improve or perfect aim and speed when firing cannons and other weapons. There have also been reports of a cheat that allows PC users to see where all the boats, treasure and animals are located on the map. Those are cut and dry examples of cheating, no one will dispute that.

So here is where the controversy lies.

There's also some confusion about whether Prod1gyX was cheating or not. Technically, he wasn't. He just had a resource that most other players did not in his Twitch fanbase. There is no rule about when a player can jump in or out of other players' crews.

Prod1gyX did respond to the criticism over his unfair race to first with a very unconvincing argument about how he could have done it by himself. Considering the outcry, even when he was still working toward the title, it's worth asking why didn't he then? In response to Prod1gyX, many have spoken out and criticized his gameplay and that he had other players finding treasure and solving riddles for him. Keep in mind that he is a streamer, so when Prod1gyX did actually log in and play the game, there were plenty of people watching who have commented on his gameplay.

The backlash over the first legendary pirate has become so big that a whole campaign has been launched on Reddit to have it revoked. On Twitter, "Sea of Thieves" players have made #NotMyPirateLegend go viral.

Both Rare and "Sea of Thieves" have active verified Twitter accounts and neither has commented on the pirate legend drama. Considering all of the prior talk about perks that the first legend would receive, it's odd that they would remain quiet rather than making announcements and be celebrating the milestone. Perhaps its because they don't even know what to do in this instance?

In response to all the backlash over the first "Sea of Thieves" pirate legend and the way it was obtained, Prod1gyX tweeted, "This is nuts xD. I just wanted to see Pirate legend."