Rare released a new alpha update trailer for “Sea Of Thieves.” It shows a lot of new features, such as new mechanics for the small ships, a mini jail, and some very helpful mermaids. Rare also brings a new text chat where players can choose from different phrases to communicate. The company made this feature for those who are not playing with a microphone. The “Sea of Thieves” will be released in early 2018.

Small ships, mini jail, and mermaids

The alpha update brings more convenient mechanics for smaller ships. Players will be able to turn smaller ships faster than the larger ones.

This is a huge advantage for smaller ships, as they can dodge devastating attacks from huge ships. It will also make things easier for players that want to discover different areas faster. However, small ships don't have much firepower and it can only be used by two sailors at a time. Aside from the small ships, the update also brings a mini jail, which is called The Brig in the game. It allows the captain to send other players to jail if they robbed or perform bad activities on the ship. Rare also added mermaids in the game, which will help raise the sinking ship of a crew to a safe area. Players can also intentionally sink their own ship when it is about the get completely destroyed by enemies.

It will help players to save more resources and even their ship, as they can call mermaids right away.

New chat feature and voting system

Rare added a new chat feature in the game as well, where players can choose from different phrases that pop up on the screen. Players cannot freely chat in “Sea of Thieves.” However, they can use a microphone to talk to other players.

Using a free text chat might also bring a lot of confusion in the game as players might flood the chat box. Players should not worry about the style of chatting in the game, as most of the selectable phrases are very helpful and easy to understand.

Aside from the chat system, Rare also added several voting systems to the game.

First is the ability of the whole crew to vote whether a player should get sent to The Brig. This will lessen the power of the captain, as some features in the ship require voting. Players can also vote on whether they want to sink their ship intentionally. As said above, it will help players to save more stuff and avoid having it completely destroyed. It is also recommended that players seek good crewmates to make voting much easier. An alpha version of “Sea of Thieves” is now available. Players are required to use an Xbox Live account to acquire the game.