Niantic continues to make new and interesting changes in ''Pokemon GO.'' Over the past few days, the company has added new features as well as new interesting objects to the augmented reality game. Recently, some users have reported the appearance of new shiny Pokemon in the ''Pokemon GO'' egg event, which are hatching from eggs during the event. It is not a secret that the development team usually keeps a few surprises back when launching new events. Now the developers confirm the release of a brand new Shiny Pokemon, which was reportedly found minutes ago in the network traffic.

Below is everything I know right now concerning the arrival of the new Gen 4 creatures coming to the “Pokemon GO” app. Reports by Pokemon GO Hub were used for all the information in this post.

The new shiny Pokemon arriving in the game alongside with new features

Shiny Murkrow has recently appeared in the network traffic. According to reports, it boasts a particularly evil shade of purple. According to Niantic's developers, the new shiny Pokemon was added just a few hours ago, and it is already available in the game.

According to the development team, there some quests that include catching a set amount of Murkrows. It is worth mentioning that Honchkrow is coming with the Generation 4, so get ready for it is relatively worth it.

Shiny Murkrow is being added to the game along with new features for all Pokémon inside ''Pokémon GO.'' These shiny Pokemon spawns are significantly increasing. Many users are reportedly catching Shiny Murkrows left and right.

New 'third party app' warning message

Many iOS device users have reportedly received, today (March 31), an in-game warning message, better known by users as a “third party app” warning.

The warning was reported in a sweeping manner, targeting users using location mocking tools. According to reports, other third-party apps that access Niantic’s servers are also getting trouble with it. If you are using an IV checker that requires you to log in, you could also confront some issues as those apps break the Terms of Service.

Most of the players are reporting they are receiving the warning and that this might be a bug because of the reward Pokémon having no location. So they suppose it would be interesting to know if anyone who plays legit, didn’t start the quests but still got the red warning. It could be a divide by zero bugs. The distance difference between your last catch and the reward Pokémon could be huge, resulting in the account flag trigger. This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.