The latest updates for "Overwatch" reveal the official Release Date for the game's newest playable hero, Brigitte. Blizzard Entertainment announced that Brigitte would be available this week for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. She is the daughter of Torbjorn and an aspiring engineer but felt the need to help her father and her friends to save the world. PC users were able to play as Brigitte in the game's PTR session as the developers are looking for a way to make work properly in the consoles.

The video game publisher also announced that Sombra would be nerfed in the game's upcoming update.

Brigitte coming soon

Brigette was inspired by her father and Reinhardt stories of heroism during there time in Overwatch and decided to do more than just invent new weapons and armor. Reinhardt in the art of combat trained her, and she dons a paladin armor equipped with an energy shield and flail.

The latter will be hybrid of a tank and support hero as she can use her energy shield protection for her team similar to Reinhardt. Her melee attack, "Rocket Flail," can knock back enemies with a single blow, or heal her allies using "Inspire." Brigitte's next ability is called "Repair Pack," and it allows her to create items to give her allies a health or armor boost.

"Whip Shot" allows Brigitte's to throw her flail at long distance to gain heavy damage and knock her enemies away.

"Shield Bash" will allow her to stun enemies with her shield. Brigitte's ultimate attack is called "Rally" which allows her to move fast and give armor to nearby allies.

Blizzard Entertainment will release Brigitte in "Overwatch" on March 20 for all video game platforms along with her character skins, emotes, sprays, and animation intros.

Hack ability nerfed

"Overwatch" game developer Geoff Goodman announced that Sombra's "Hack" ability would be nerfed in an upcoming patch update. The latter explained that the nerf would not be drastic as Sombra mains are worried that her hacking ability will be lessened since this is her most useful skill in the game.

According to Goodman, any time Sobra's hack is interrupted, hacking will cooldown for two seconds.

With this change, players should be careful about who they use a hack. The developers will now use multiple LOS checks to make sure the small LOS blockers will not hinder the character's hacking when players use her ability.

Besides, the developers are also increasing Sombra's hacking speed so that it is more responsive when they meet certain failed attempts.