With each new “OverwatchEvent, fans get the chance to collect a whole new slew of cosmetic items for certain characters. With the Summer Games 2017 on the way, we can look forward to 40+ new stuff like skins, highlight intros, and victory poses. In line with this, there has been an impressive number of skins throughout the many seasonal events in the game. Many players have tried their luck to unlock them through lootboxes when they didn’t have enough credits to actually buy it. With that being said, let’s take a look at the best “Overwatch” seasonal event skins.

Witch Mercy – Halloween Terror

Mercy is one of the most popular heroes in the game for her angelic design and kind-hearted personality. When the “Overwatch” medic got a surprising sultry new Witch skin, it was a major shock in the fan base. However, that doesn’t mean that her Halloween skin was terrible. In fact, it’s arguably considered the best skin in the game because of its intricate details and unique ultimate ability voice line, “My servants never die!” Many players are eager for another Halloween event to get the chance to finally purchase the Mercy Witch skin at a cheaper cost.

Blackwatch Genji – Uprising

Another popular skin, Blackwatch Genji showed a much darker side to the cyborg ninja.

Here, Genji is fresh from his operation following the critical injuries he suffered from the battle against his brother. This skin also shows more of his lore as this is how he looked like when he first joined the black ops team with McCree and Gabriel. The sleek and dark-looking Genji won over the hearts of “Overwatch” fans and stands as one of the most popular skins in the game.

It isn’t sure if Blizzard ever plans on bringing back the Uprising event, so fans who didn’t get to purchase this skin may be out of luck.

Graffiti Tracer – Anniversary

Finishing off our list, we have Graffiti Tracer, which was unlockable during the recent Anniversary event.

This cool-looking skin garbs the time-travelling hero in a sleek blue jacket and a paint mask. The coolest thing about this cosmetic item is the weapons that come with it. Tracer trades in her typical looking pulse guns for a pair of spray cans. Unfortunately, they still shoot the same normal bullets instead of colorful sprays. While it doesn’t really tell anything about her lore, the outfit matches her carefree and bubbly personality. There’s a good chance the Anniversary event will come back next year, so fans who didn’t get Grafitti Tracer might still have the chance to do so.