"Maelstrom" is a third-person, fast-paced action strategy game that looks and feels like something very special. What could have been just another multiplayer online battle arena will add interesting concepts like a living waterscape, complete with ravenous monsters that lurk deep below the water. Being developed by Gunpowder Games, it is led by an extraordinary team of developers with many past experiences like having worked on projects you might have heard of such as "Destiny" and "League of Legends." Currently, "Maelstrom" will be released for Windows on PC, with plans to later add support for both Linux and Mac.

You can still pledge and back this project on Kickstarter.

What kind of special features will you find in 'Maelstrom'?

The depth of this game is ridiculous. There are so many different ways of playing to your style and getting engulfed in the backstory, your ship, and tons of customization. Let's begin with the fast-paced Naval Combat. How often do we get to say that?

Taking games strictly to the sea is already something different and interesting. You'll be able to choose between different warships captained by Orcs, Dwarves, or Humans and choose your leader from a long list of options, each with unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Why are all these races fighting, though? According to Gunpowder Games, "Maelstrom is a drowning world.

Oceans have risen until only what were once the highest peaks remain above water. Habitable land is incredibly precious to the feuding races, and massive bounties are paid to captains able to protect a territory from rival vessels that seek to plunder their claim."

As for customization, you'll be able to earn upgrades, known as hardpoints, for your ship.

Choosing which upgrades allows you to strengthen your ship how you see fit. Pairing these with your captain allows for an indescribable personalized gaming experience.

Visual upgrades will also become available. Sails, flags, armor, paint and figureheads are currently being constructed. Rarely will you see the same ship twice, as every player will have complete control over the appearance of their vessel.

How will you fight battles in your warship?

You'll be fighting for your life out in "Maelstrom's" Cutthroat mode, a last ship floating battle. There are three ways to sink your opponents: ramming, boarding, and of course, cannons!

If you want to make your ship as sturdy as she can be and just flat-out ram into others, you're in luck!

The faster you can go, the more damage you can do. Surely, you'll want to have the right kind of ship for this.

Following a devastating ram, or launching your hooks, you can board an enemy vessel. Once locked on, your crews will duke it out, fighting to the last man. If you're successful, they will set the enemy ship ablaze and send it to a watery grave.

Or you can attack with classic cannon fire! There are three types of cannon ammunition you can switch through freely in the midst of battle. Sit back and shoot away, but be careful. There are physics at work here! You will have to aim each shot accounting for arc, and hang time.

"Maelstrom" is a firm believer in keeping a game playable for everyone!

No pay-to-win or loot crates will be available. Everything in-game will be attainable by playing the game! With future expansions or DLC, this will always remain the same. Even if you do not purchase any you'll still be able to keep on gaming and competing with those who have. Keep an eye out for "Maelstrom" on Steam, and be ready to plunder your enemies and avoid the oceans' cruel monsters!