A purple, slimy lizard with ears that point out, then unfold like Japanese fans on either side of a rather large head resembling that of a T-Rex pounces at you over and over. This freak closes his eyes, perks his head up while his whole body vibrates with electricity - a high pitch white noise infiltrates every airwave, shocking every cell in your body. Luckily, a massive flying bat large enough to swallow Lake Michigan, with a neck inflating to the size of a hot air balloon, wings wide like a plane, swoops in from the third story of the jungle and knocks the tyrant monster on the ground.

After a minute of intense fighting, your vampiric angel flies out, leaving this menace vulnerable as it starts limping away. With five minutes to finish this quest, it's hard to tell if you'll get this monster captured and sent back to base.

Capcom's ultimate game changer

Capcom's most successful release, selling over 7.5 million copies since the January 26, 2018, released for X-Box and PS4, Monster Hunter: World questions how much more in-depth a game can actually go. This game has an RPG (role-playing game) feel, as you are able to go on expeditions into the wild and collect items such as herbs to craft potions, and ammunition for weapons, with an incredibly in-depth storyline and respective non-player character influence.

The entirety of this game was crafted beautifully. The adventure as a whole tests your critical thinking, creativity, and patience with each monster offering a unique challenge. Your mission is to help protect the world from the monsters in the wild - a modern life Jurassic Park, but instead of a Jeep, you hang from a Wingdrake.

If you aren't afraid of spoilers, keep reading, you'll be surprised at what happens as you keep playing 'Monster Hunter: World' with these things in mind!

8) Wingdrake rides

Imagine doing the same quests, but now having transportation in this fast-paced adventure in the form of a glorious dragon, while hanging from a rope! That alone should make you question if you're finished trying to beat on the Anajath you gave up on when you fainted three times, in five minutes.

All you need to do is injure this feeble monster; luckily it only takes a minor hit to make the dragon drop low enough to sneak below it. For example, just a few arrows can damage this monster's stamina enough to where he drops a few feet, close to the ground, and tries to collect itself. Once you get here, just look up and press the corresponding button to the action that displays on the screen, and you'll be soaring over to the nest of your next catch instantaneously!

7) Arena quests

As the game progresses, you'll have the chance to ward off poisonous, purple slime the Pukei-Pukei is barfing right at you - with a twist. Instead of hunting monsters down in the wild, these mini-quests offer a chance to fight one on one in an arena.

You enter in through a stone doorway into The Colosseum, running over to what looks like a huge explosion took place - a huge gap in the wall separating you from your nemesis one story below in the fighting arena. The area is lined with pointed wooden poles and gates, bow guns bolted on higher ground, giving you a Roman Colosseum with a prehistoric influence, as the ground is identical to that of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. With each victory, instead of a ton of gold, players look forward most to special coins made of the monster's remains, only to take back to Astera's workshop for an awesome pair of boots.

6) Ninja felines

Palicos are a unique facet of this game, as they are completely independent, yet loyal companions throughout the game.

Your Palico is excited to help gather materials with you, as well as fight nearly to death more than 15 times a day. Even though he is a great warrior, your Palico can do much more once he befriends the Grimalkyne Tailriders. These wild Palico clans allow you to track them with a green glittery paw symbol on the map at random times throughout quests, and they have an endless amount of skills and gadgets to teach your little guy to use for future battles. The game's preliminary requirements to track the animal's future activity is unknown, so players must take advantage once it arises.

A popular skill your Palico can earn is the "call of the wild," which simply teaches him to communicate with animals in the wild and ride them into battle!

Tailriders can also be found wandering off alone, allowing your Palico the chance to befriend the creature, welcome them on the quest, help collect even more items to take back to base, as well as having more of an advantage against monsters.

5) Know your monster

The seasoned gamer is well aware of this tactic, however, it is necessary for all players to grasp if there is a desire to fight with proper armor and weaponry. At the beginning of the game, you are given a Monster Field Guide with the motive of filling each page with the monsters you battle at a time. This book is procedurally generated, meaning the more you hunt, the more monsters you'll receive key traits about. In this book, you'll be able to identify the elements the monster is proficient in using, specific weapons that cause the most damage, identifies fragile factions of the monster's anatomy, as well as his ailments in nature.

Ailments can include poison, sleep, paralysis, and other substances that the player is able to use as a reference when piecing together their inventory. Clothing and weaponry should always be in accordance to the guide's elemental guide for the monster, as players will soon discover that this game depends on your defense level being as high as possible. "Monster Hunter: World" is not a game of status or rank, but a game of skill and intellect. Players will advance through the game with much less frustration if one is prepared successfully for battle.

4) Load-outs

In addition to the Monster Hunter Guide, you have an accessible collection of load-outs to save items in, meaning a collection of storage crates that you are able to fill with select weapons and armor.

Players are welcome to design their load-outs with their favorite assortment of items, usually for a particular monster, in one of these load-outs to prepare for the battle much more quickly and effectively. This little feature cuts out a huge chunk of time each player inevitable spends on going through every piece of armor to check the weaknesses and strengths in the descriptions for each. In order to set this up, simply go to your item crate, and there will be an option to manage load outs. There are 112 slots to fill, so there is an endless amount of chances to prepare for matches to come. Think again, Anajath, your miniature flame fits will only hurt a percentage of us now!

3) The world is your weapon

By now, it may be easy to notice that all monsters have a sequence of moves they cycle through when fighting up against Palicos and humans, alike. Playing psychologist when it comes to these Monster's behaviors will pay off if you start involving not only your weapons, taking your time, defensive dance skills, but also using the environment to attack your opponent even more. For example, areas such as a cave leave the player vulnerable to blatant attacks, same with large bodies of water full of spiteful water creatures. However, if the monster is taunted and led to an area on the first level of the jungle, with a wall of vines to climb on a ledge, the player has a number of advances obvious to help their motive much more than the previous battleground.

Players must use ledges, trees, caves and hollow spaces in order to have a victorious fight.

Ledges are a great way to climb, jump, then latch onto the monster to attack while basically riding it like a wild bull in a bar as you button mash the monster's health away. Not only are they great places to launch from, but ledges also provide the occasional hideaway, providing a vast aerial view of the monster to snipe from stories above. Caves infested with crystal is a heyday for players, as one simply needs to shoot the crystal above the monster to have it crash in on its head.

Trees, full of life or an empty carcass, offer temporary camouflage while players are desperate for a gallon of Mega Potion.

Considering potions are a major component in the game. The environment will be a strong ally during battle. These are great hiding places to shoot an arrow or two, as well as replenish your health.

2) Tailrider's safari

After enough monster defeats, it looks like you're able to send your Palico on a quest with a random selection of Tailriders! If you reference the video above, you'll see that there are a few groups of a random selection of cats to choose from, all having different strengths and weaknesses. There's not much to it, other than choosing where the animals go, and which route to take. Each route has a list of monsters and plants they will target during their journey. Upon their arrival home, you'll receive on average 10-30 items, such as monster hide, flash bugs, scales, and more!

With each safari, the chance for rarer items to appear in the reward box increases.

1) La chambre

Your room is a quaint little area where you have a little bed and your housekeeper roams around. However, once your character reaches the 9th ranking as a hunter, you have ability to upgrade your room into a private suite, with a huge bed, exotic plants, a koi pond, as well as the ability to change your Palico's equipment!

Remember when SpongeBob ran around Jellyfish Fields catching jellyfish with his net? "Monster Hunter: World" adapted this same concept, as you run around with your capture net seeking unique small creatures to keep as pets in your bedroom. You can catch fish, birds, maybe even a grasshopper! This room is unrelated to the game-play, it’s simply a glamorous room to roam in between quests.

With a Wingdrake as your noble steed, and the wild Grimalkyne team aiding your journey, remember to keep an eye on your environment and not get too eager. “Monster Hunter: World” is meant to challenge even the best of gamers. Patience is 90 percent of the game, so take time to figure out your next attack, and most importantly, keep a light attitude - everyone can admit that your attitude compromises this gaming experience. Get back online, Monster Hunters, we’ve only seen a small faction of the adventures to come!