"Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen" is the highly anticipated MMORPG, led by Brad McQuaid, whose ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere similar to "Everquest" and dive back into group-oriented gameplay and community. "Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen" is the answer for old-school gamers who don't like the new fast-paced, solo grinding bore of today's games. Visionary Realms is striving to create a world that is alive and changing around you. They want you to be immersed and amazed not just by the graphics, but the interactions and attention to detail in the world.

The developers, programmers and Visionary Realms community have a fantastic program called "The Voices of Terminus Show" where you can watch and listen as they keep you up to date, showing you new and exciting gameplay, discussing current additions to the game and even having live Q&A sessions with developers. Brad McQuaid tweeted a recent episode with developers Tod Curtis and Ben Walters.

Will there be dynamic AI that reacts to players?

In a live Q&A session on "The Voices of Terminus Show," a question was asked: whether or not the AI would be dynamic in "Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen." Examples given included whether or not a mob would react differently if a player's allies were killed, or if there was a wizard in the group rather than a druid.

Without trying to break their MDA, Tod Curtis excitedly replied, "Yes, yes it will. Those scenarios have been discussed, so yes."

Very exciting news from "Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen." It will not be another MMORPG that you will simply walk through and get to the end so quickly. Not only will it be team-oriented, the AI system is adding a whole new level with mobs being able to react to a player's actions.

This will add a new feel to an otherwise dry system that has been imposed on games for years.

Expect only the best from 'Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen'

"Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen" is being created by the superstar team at Visionary Realms, some of which have worked together in the past and love creating the game, every step of the way.

Developing for a target audience, and being funded through Kickstarter and other means allows them complete creative control to make the game the way they want to make it, for the people they want to make it for. They are creating a special community of gamers who expect more from a game than simple point and click. If you want more from your games, and expect a mature community that wants to work together and fight for a complete experience, this masterpiece is the game for you.

This is just one more exciting piece to look forward to and I cannot wait to finally get into the world of Terminus. Check out their show "The Voice of Terminus Show" on YouTube to keep up to date on this breathtaking game and see new and exciting features and gameplay.