Bungie has officially kicked off another round of Faction Rallies for "Destiny 2." Unlike the first installment of the event for this season, players will have a lot to grind for, especially the Faction Tokens that can be exchanged for loot.

Off to Titan once again

Quite a number of "Destiny 2" YouTubers have discovered the return of an old token farm back in Titan. This exploit was removed after Bungie implemented a Lost Sector timeout update. However, with some of the succeeding tweaks that the game maker rolled out recently, the token farm is up and running once again.

It may not be as fast as previous exploits, but players can still rake in a decent amount of Faction Tokens depending on how fast they can execute the steps:

  • Head on over to Titan and locate the landing zone known as The Rig
  • Go down until the Lost Sector known as Cargo Bay 3 is reached
  • From there, take down the Hive Ogre (a Wardcliff Coil will come in handy for this part)
  • Once the Ogre is eliminated, head on to the chest and obtain the Faction Token reward
  • Players need to eliminate their characters using either the explosives that are scattered around the area or by firing a rocket launcher close to them. This will prompt the character to respawn to a stairway that leads to that Lost Sector.
  • Repeat the process

Be reminded though that both the Ogre and Faction Tokens will not respawn in the event that players get eliminated by the Hive.

If this happens, players need to repeat the process all the way up to The Rig.


Meanwhile, Bungie has officially made dmg04 (Dylan Gafner) their new Community Manager. It was also stated in their recent blog post that after an extensive search, they soon realized that the right man for the job was right "under their noses" the whole time, adding that dmg has been with the company for quite some time now.

DeeJ, on the other hand, also addressed rumors about him leaving the company. He stated that such talks about his "pending death have been greatly exaggerated." He went on, stating that dmg's promotion was a bid for reinforcement, not replacement.

Dmg will still continue to respond to players' concerns via Bungie.net forums and through his Twitter page.

He added that he will also continue working with the Destiny Player Support team to provide content for the Bungie blog.

There's still plenty of time to stack up those tokens as Faction Rallies will run until February 27. Check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: