Remember the classics like "Doom," Duke Nukem," and "Wolfenstein"? If you had a long day at work, the weekend wasn't long enough or you just felt like killing demons for an hour, there were many options for you. In today's exhilarating video game market we are presented with epic and grand stories, deep character development and dynamic voice acting. This isn't one of those games. Quite simply this is a bloodfest of ammo, guts, and brawn! Developers from Saibot Studios have crafted a masterpiece with "Hellbound" and the videos for it are hilarious and amazing!

Be sure to check out their Kickstarter page to see the advert for it, you'll get hilarious nostalgia filled to the brim with cheese and awesomeness.

'Hellbound': Visual and audio features

You are Hellgore. You're as bada** as Kratos, and have more ammo than Rambo! Your only goal in life is to slay these demons from Hell and look cool doing it. So what makes this such a big deal? Well, Saibot Studios combines the non-stop, run and gun action of a 90's first-person shooter with today's graphics and amazing sound engineering. They crafted all the music and sounds in-house and recruited voice actor Artie Widgery ("Lord of the Rings Online," "Cabela's Big Game Hunter") to lend his deep, brawny voice as Hellgore.

The music is unique and conveys the essence of the game. You can listen to a short clip below:

The graphics are everything you'd expect from a game released today.

All animation was captured using motion capture technology. The user interface is very reminiscent of the era as well, displaying the character's face at the bottom, getting beaten and bruised the more damage you take. Enemy corpses will remain on the ground until you destroy them, and the amazing title and menu screens will take you straight back to when you were playing "Doom."

'Hellbound': Gameplay and features

You'll be able to cycle through many different weapons, including shotguns that shoot multiple rounds, rocket launchers, a spiked club, and much more.

There will be items spread around like ammo and health boosts as well as power-ups! Power-ups can be used to boost different stats for 30 seconds. Hell damage increases damage dealt by three times and automatically breaks enemies upon death! Hell speed doubles your movement speed and increases your attack speed for 30 seconds. Last but not least, Hell skin reduces damage by 90 percent and you can cause no self-inflicted damage for 30 seconds.

With recent revamps like "Doom" and "Wolfenstein", now is the perfect time for "Hellbound" to get all the glory it deserves. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter. You can download the current test version of the game on Steam now. Go give it a test and if it's something you think rocks, help support their cause on Kickstarter to add more content to the game.