The fighting game genre has always been the preferred way for friends to settle differences between them without having to get physically violent, even though the games usually end in a real tussle anyway. "Soul Caliber" has been one of the many games that has grown a large and devout community due to the game's whimsical aesthetic and intriguing cast of characters, and the game is about to add a new face.

Geralt of Rivia in 'Soul Caliber VI'

News broke on March 15 that Geralt, the titular protagonist from the popular game series "The Witcher" will be joining the lineup for "Soul Caliber VI." Fans of both "The Witcher" and "Soul Caliber" have shown their support for this decision as many feel Geralt fits in with the cast perfectly.

Fighting games are no stranger to adding unlock-able or purchasable characters after the game has initially launched as a way of bringing players back to the game, as well as appealing to a new player base. Games such as "Mortal Kombat" have also tapped into this trend of cross-franchising with the additions of The Predator, Freddie Krueger, and Jason Voorhees to their game.

The additions of characters from other franchises has been a common feature from the fighting game genre, as the publicity and exposure that both franchises receive is extremely beneficial for both developers. Much like when crossovers in television shows are used to boost viewership, video games also look to increase their player base with the same type of publicity.

The smaller details

It seems like "Soul Caliber VI" will have Geralt playable off the bat after purchasing the game, and will see homage payed to the character as Geralt is set to appear with his classic arsenal of spells and weaponry. His character will blend in well with the game's overall tone as "Soul Caliber" has previously proved that it is not afraid to add in some obscurity to its cast.

Geralt will seem like a tame character to play when compared with the other playable characters, such as Yoda from "Star Wars," Kratos from "God Of War," and Ezio from "Assassin's Creed."

"Soul Caliber VI" is believed to be released sometime later this year in 2018, which is plenty of time for hype to be generated by the production company, as well as for teasers to be released along the way as the game finishes production. I am sure more details will emerge, both from the "Soul Caliber VI" developers, as well as CD Projekt Red's managers.