Late nights with friends gathered around a 24 inch television. Empty mountain dew cans are spread around the room, a half-eaten pizza sits in between you and your friends, and you're wrapped in blankets, staring at the screen. Everyone would bring their controllers and you wouldn't stand up again until the next morning. This was N64's "GoldenEye," and little did we know that we were playing something that would revolutionize gaming, become a best-seller, and a worldwide classic. Just saying "GoldenEye" fills me with a wonderful sense of nostalgia and happiness.

Here are five things you (probably) didn't know about "GoldenEye."


Throughout the play-through of "GoldenEye," gamers will come across references to every prior Bond film. All 16 of them, including the likes of "Oddjob" and "May Day" in multiplayer. The multiplayer game settings themselves included titles like "You Only Live Twice" and "License to Kill." Isn't it incredible how one game can contain 16 different film references?

Rumble pack reload

We had such an amazing game created for us, and it's hard to believe it could have been even better! Originally Rare thought to use the N64's Rumble Pack as the way to reload in-game, mimicking the action of reloading a gun. However, Nintendo didn't like this idea and shot it down.

This could have been a truly incredible feature that would have been copied for years, offering even more nostalgia. How many rumble packs would we have broken?

No multiplayer?

You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone over the age of 20 who hasn't played "GoldenEye's" multiplayer at some point in their lives. It was one of the game's main staples and revolutionized the split screen experience forever.

This was almost never implemented though, and was an afterthought from the studio. It took about six weeks to develop and was just thrown in with the game. Can we take a moment of silence and try to imagine "GoldenEye" without multiplayer? Sounds pretty awful, let's stop.

'GoldenEye' almost never was

First there was almost no multiplayer, but then there was almost never even a game.

Nintendo felt that there was just too many bugs, and that they should just cut their losses. However, Rare kept the faith and kept fueling and funding the cause to create "GoldenEye." Remember, today is hug a developer day. Thank them for all they do to keep us gaming. Without them we would have never gotten this gem.

Classic death fall

Hey, nice shot! Fall to your knees now. Good. Now to your stomach. Yeah, that classic death fall, coined the "GoldenEye fall" has been used for every Bond game following "GoldenEye" and the way we've played dead for years. Everyone knows the classic animation and it will continue to live on like the "Wilhelm scream" in films.