Epic Games has officially released the Twitch Prime Pack for both Battle Royale and Save the World modes. This constant flow of contents/fixes, not to mention the dev team's frequent communication with its player base are just some of the few reasons why the game maker is loved by its gaming community and in a way has helped some folks who got some issues of their own.

Victory Royale

A "Fortnite" player (/u/Lunitiq) recently took to FortniteBR's subreddit to share how the game helped him with his depression. One from the dev team took notice of the post as he too shared something about his childhood.

Per the recent post, the player revealed that he was suffering from depression prior to playing "Fortnite." However, by the time the game was rolled out on early access, the fan stated that a lot of positive stuff happened in his life that eventually made him come out from his shell. There was even a part of the post where he stated that he ended up getting invited to his first ever party. He went on thanking the devs and the player base for making the game better and better as he further explained that he could still be suffering today without them.

As mentioned, a member of the dev team came across with the post and went on commenting that anyone who opens up and shares their struggles is brave.

He even made a revelation that he too suffered the same thing back in his school days. However, he stated that he battled his personal issue through music before resorting to Video Games.

In line with this, there's already an update regarding a "Fortnite" player that sent out a disturbing message on Discord several days ago.

According to the Redditor who brought this to light over on the same subreddit, the troubled player has finally responded to his messages that gave him a sigh of relief.

V.3.1.0 inbound

Meanwhile, Epic has just announced that they are about to deploy update V.3.1.0 for "Fortnite." At the time of writing, the developer stated that the patch is slated to go live today, March 1 alongside the downtime that will commence at 4 AM ET.

The game maker added that both Matchmaking and Battle Royale will be disabled at 3:30 AM ET and went on stating that patch notes for the upcoming update will go live alongside this latest game tweak.

Epic also posted some FAQs on how to avail of the above-mentioned Twitch Prime Pack which include the Havoc and Sub Commander outfits, the Backup Plan back bling, and four exclusive Twitch chat emotes. Check out a video about "Fornite" here: