"Fortnite" season 3 is officially live and its gaming community is on a mad grind to rake in this season's new loot. New items were also spotted on Amazon, though it looks like it was teased a bit early on the website.

Prime Exclusives are on their way

An image of the upcoming items was first spotted by a Redditor (Remix850) and was posted on FortniteBR's subreddit. If the promotional image is anything to go by, it will be an Amazon Prime exclusive and will be offered free of charge to its Fortnite-playing members.

Per the promo photo, Prime members are bound to get a couple of new outfits (a sleeveless beret-donning commando guy and a Raptor-looking camo dude) and a Glider.

However, it was not disclosed on when will it be released.

Epic, on the other hand, confirmed on the subreddit that such content does exist. The developer pointed out though that this offer was not planned to go live for another couple of days. They went on assuring fans that they will be getting these upcoming exclusive cosmetics soon enough.

Some V.3.0.0 highlights

As mentioned, "Fortnite's" third season is already up and running alongside its patch notes. The new season has ushered in the Desert Eagle (Deagle to some) Hand Cannon, which is a very powerful addition to the third-person shooter's Battle Royale mode.

Per the patch notes, the Hand Cannon has an Epic and Legendary rarity and can be picked up from supply drops, floor loot, and treasure chests. The new weapon fires Heavy ammo that will without a doubt pack a punch.

A 60 FPS mode was also added for home consoles (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS4 Pro and Xbox One X). Additionally, the BR mode of "Fortnite" will start off with the said setting on consoles, though players can always switch back to 30 FPS.

The color-blind toggle was finally added to the game as this has long been requested by "Fortnite" players who have Color Vision Deficiency. This can be found in the game's options in the "Accessibility" tab as color blind players will be encountering a strength indicator in which they can adjust to find the level that suits them best.

Epic further explained that this feature is still on a test run phase as they encourage their player base to send in their feedback, especially to their faithful who still weren't able to find the color level that works for them. In line with this, the developer also posted a V.3.0.0 bug mega thread on the above-mentioned subreddit for players to report the bugs/glitches they've encountered in the game. Check out a video about the game below.