Epic has been one of the few game makers out there that's been putting other AAA developers to shame in terms of engaging with their player base and responding to their concerns. Such was very much evident as a "Fortnite" player sent out a very disturbing message that got both players and devs worried.

Don’t do it

A "Fortnite" player (Reddit: u/smeghammer) recently took to FortniteBR's subreddit to show an unsettling message that he saw on their Fortnite Discord. If the player's post is anything to go by, one of his acquaintances through the game is about to take away his own life.

The concerned player pointed out that he does not personally know the guy, though he stated that seeing such message is very much upsetting. He added that the person who sent that message would not write something like that if he's not deeply unhappy in some way.

Epic took notice of the post as they asked some details on how they can reach the "Fortnite" player. As soon as the player's email was obtained, the devs sent a message, though they did not get any response from the troubled player. Epic even reached out to the Discord folks to bring it to their attention and went on stating that the software company is checking on the situation, adding that they are likely to conduct a wellness check.

At the time of writing, the player hasn't responded to either Epic and Discord. That being said, Epic, Discord, and the "Fortnite" community are keeping their fingers crossed that their member is safe.

There are some, however, who believe that this was just some joke. Concerned "Fortnite" players then responded that whether it's true or not, such a thing should be taken seriously.

Epic's history of Epicness

This is not the first time that Epic helped out their player base and heeded their call. It can be recalled that a physically challenged "Fortnite" player (one-handed) previously requested to have at least a toggle to enable/disable the game's autorun feature to which the game maker responded promptly.

A more recent one was the color blind feature that went alongside "Fortnite" Season 3's release. The feature was also pitched in by a fan who has Color Vision Deficiency (CVD). It is currently in its experimental phase as Epic pointed out that they are still gathering feedback from their gaming community. Check out the streamer Cizzorz, as he helped out a young player rake in some subscribers on his own channel: