The constant flow of updates is just one of the many reasons why Epic Games' "Fortnite" has grown to become a massive success. The success and popularity that the game is basking in as of late can also be very useful in some instances just like what happened to a school librarian.

Unusual approach

Someone from the FortniteBR subreddit recently posted a cool story about how he benefited from the game while doing his job. He stated that the third-person shooter made his life easier as a school librarian.

Per the Reddit post, this person works for a school that is predominantly attended by kids aged nine to 15.

He stated that he's fairly new to the job, though he was already given a heads up by his predecessor about a group of students that he deemed as "disruptive." The librarian before him added that these kids have already made that part of the school to be their "private hangout spot" and working has been tough ever since. However, the Redditor is undaunted and willing to change things up a bit.

He recalled his first encounter with this group of teens as he found out that they're mostly a bunch of seventh graders. Another thing that he discovered is that he and these kids have something in common - "Fortnite."

As soon as he learned this, he began talking with the group about the game, though he stated that they are a bit skeptic about him playing "Fortnite." Nevertheless, he gained their trust as he got invited to play the battle royale shooter with them.

Ever since then, he claims that the group started to behave better inside the library. At the tail end of his post, he stated that the said experience has without a doubt improved his work situation albeit the fact that "Fortnite" is not one of his favorite games to play.

On Heavy Shotgun and Replay Mode

Meanwhile, Epic has announced that they're about to roll out update V3.3.1 that will officially introduce the Heavy Shotgun.

The patch will have no downtime adding that it will go live alongside the new weapon at 8 a.m. ET. A video about the upcoming shotgun has already been making rounds as it featured its power and range.

Also, Epic is prepping up to release a feature in "Fortnite" known as the Theater/Replay Mode. Game buffs believe that this will definitely improve the highlight reels of players as they can now go back and check out how their plays went down from different angles. Check out a video about this upcoming "Fortnite" feature here: