"Fortnite" BR's newest limited time mode (LTM), dubbed as Blitz, has been well-received by its gaming community due to its quick gameplay, intensity, and tons of loot. That said, a lot of players are now requesting that the new game mode is extended, to which Epic Games responded to such plea.

Blitz was so awesome that players want to have it a bit longer

Someone from the FortniteBR subreddit recently posted some sort of petition to extend Blitz. Per the Redditor (/u/wjllen), the new LTM is the most fun that he ever had in a video game and this was seconded by his friends, who were also "Fortnite" players.

He even commended the game mode's well-mixed brew of fast-paced action and increased materials and went on, stating that the LTM took an already great game to a masterpiece. He ended the post by calling out other members of subreddit to get Epic's attention and have them extend, or better yet, add Blitz as a fixed game mode in the game's Battle Royale.

Epic then took notice of the post and was pleased to learn that a lot from the "Fortnite" community are enjoying Blitz. However, the developer gave a heads up that they're not making any promises that the game mode will be extended. They assured faithfuls, though, that they'll be putting Blitz in the rotation. Part of the response was a hint about the next LTM that got some fans musing about it.

Next Limited Time Mode guesses

The said post was spammed with wild guesses and suggestions as to what the next game mode will be. Someone even suggested a crazy game mode where the storm rises up from the ground instead of closing in on the entire island.

Another one commented about a low gravity LTM, to which Epic responded with "man on the moon." The developer made it clear, though, that no hints were given on these responses.

Blitz changes detailed

Meanwhile, the game maker recently announced that they'll be making changes with Blitz' building resources that were obtained from floor loot and farming.

Epic revealed that they'll be lowering down such resources as they stated that the initial numbers were a bit abundant, adding that they want to ensure that there is still some reward/risk when getting resources in the ongoing limited time mode.

Per Epic, farming resources were nerfed from 200 percent down to 150 percent. Floor loot resources, on the other hand, were also lowered from 100 down to 60. Check out a video of Ninja featuring one of his "Fortnite" gameplay below.