When it comes to goofy, over-the-top games, no one does it better than "Skate." The game made waves in the skateboarding community for branching away from the Tony Hawk-dominated scene and delivering a skating experience that was as crazy as it was creative. The makers of the game saw this success and naturally decided to run with it, thus giving the world "Skate 2" and "Skate 3." Now, news has begun surfacing that a possible "Skate 4" may be in production due to small details emerging about the games' development.


The speculation all began in late January 2018 when a senior manager at EA named Daniel Lingen tweeted out a cryptic post, simply saying "#skate4" which naturally began a Twitter frenzy.

The tweet has since been deleted, but fans began speculating that a new "Skate" game was in development and the release date would be announced soon. However, EA did not comment on this news, nor have they made an official statement confirming any rumors.

However, more recently, an image surfaced of a screenshot from a Swedish video game retailers' website called "Webhallen" which shows a video game cover and image. On the box's cover, we can see the trucks of a skateboard, alongside the infamous "Skate" franchise logo. Just to put the cherry on top, the number four also appears on the cover, leading people to believe that this is either the official cover of "Skate 4" or a place holder for something that is coming soon.

Fans have now began speculating that the teased tweet was when the game was in development, and now with this new image surfacing, it now seems logical that the development for "Skate 4" is finalizing and the release date is coming soon. An official statement has not yet been made by EA and it is also important to remember that all evidence that has been uncovered by the internet is still speculative and not factually proven.


We can speculate that "Skate 4" may possibly release in late 2018 to catch the Christmas hype and maximize profits on pre-order sales. It would also give them a few more month to develop, alpha test, and beta test the game before its release. As with many games, perfection is hard to achieve, and many people who played the "Skate" games were fast to criticize the games' bugged mechanics, poor frame rates, and issues with the graphics.

"Skate 4" would have been in development for eight years after "Skate 3" was released in 2010, so plenty of time has passed since then. Hopefully, if all is true, "Skate 4" will deliver an astounding new skateboarding game which revives the dying genre; as well as giving us the classic "Skate" experience which fans came to know and love.