Fans of "League of Legends" are in for a treat this week as the game welcomes it's first "big Patch" with their patch 8.4 updates. At a glance, players can expect updates to mage itemization, a more variant top lane, and some big changes that will impact characters Zoe, Rengar, and Volibear. We're going to take a closer look at what League of Legends fans can expect from this massive update.

Mage and ability power item updates

The official "League of Legends" team state "we want to give mages more options, so we're creating new mage items (and reshaping old ones) to provide more unique and focused outputs and let mages adapt their itemization to game states, matchups, and personal style." Here's a little look at some of the new items that will be available once you've installed Patch 8.4:

  • Oblivion Orb: "Because flat magic penetration is cool, just not for the Liandry's torment line." which grants Touch of Death
  • Spellbinder: Gain a maximum of 30 percent decaying movement speed and 100 ability power for four seconds, based on charges spent
  • Twin Shadows: Summons two spooky ghosts that hunt down nearby champions, revealing them and haunting them on contact.

Gamers will also spot some changes to existing items in order to make their functions fairer, meaning that some high-cost items will become more powerful and some less powerful items will have a new lower purchase cost.

Top lane champions become weaker - level the playing field

The "League of Legends" team notices that certain top lane characters were able to speed through the game with such ease, that it didn't seem fair. To level the playing field a little, characters including Darius, Gnar, and Gangplank. Likewise, other characters are getting updates to increase or improve their performance, so be sure to check out the Patch Notes to see if any of your favorites have been impacted.

Bug fixes and new skins

Whether you're getting irritated by Zoe's buggy portal jump or Ryze's spell flux fails, you'll be pleased to hear that the team have fixed over 19 bugs with this giant patch. If you're excited for stunning new visuals and some of the best fantasy art you can find in a game, expect to see Dark Star Jarvan IV in stunning blue tones and Dragon Master Swain with all the warm, fire tones you'd expect from dragon art.

For the full lowdown on all of the new features included in the "League of Legends" Patch 8.4, check out their social media and official website. A patch of this size is an exciting update for the game and will be sure to grab the attention of players new and existing. Let us know what you think!