Pre-ordering a video game is a popular method for game companies to promote their products. Fans who want to reserve their copies of their favorite games would want to choose this method. However, there are several Pros And Cons of this method that they should know first.

Pro: Assured purchase

The assurance of purchase is the best part of using the method of pre-order. Competition against other buyers will be avoided on the game’s release date will be avoided. Collectors who want to collect limited special editions will need to use this method too.

Pro: Pre-order bonus DLCs

Another advantage is getting exclusive bonus DLC for pre-ordered Video Games. Game companies use this method to attract more buyers of their products. These pre-order bonus DLCs usually include upgraded stats, better weapons, and more.

Other special editions will have better collectibles and DLCs too, but they will also include the entire pre-order DLCs. This allows buyers to have the option of buying the standard or special edition.

Pro: Limited edition collectible merchandise

Retails shops usually attract buyers with special items to pre-order at their place. They will also have limited stocks of these items to force buyers to choose theirs under pressure. This method allows healthy competition amongst retailers to gain favor from potential customers.

These limited special items usually are not expensive and can be used every day. Shops usually add game posters, mugs, keychains, towels, and more.

Con: Unfair reservation

Unfair reservation for other buyers who want to purchase their games on release day is one disadvantage. Other buyers will have their own circumstances, which could be unfair for them.

Those who fail to buy special editions will have to make do with standard ones. Sometimes, these games will have no stock, which is a worst case scenario.

Con: Blind faith for curious buyers

Pre-ordering games without knowing what the gameplay and content is about is another disadvantage. Several gamers have become victims of this method, which resulted in bad feedback.

They would return these bad games to retail stores or sometimes sell it through gamer shops and online shops like eBay.

Con: Video game later has complete edition and lower prices

Another disadvantage is the news of a complete edition that will launch at a later date. This version will have all of the previous DLCs since Day One. The worst part of this deal is that it will have a cheaper price compared to the regular version.

Check out boogie2988's video about the disadvantages of pre-ordering video games below: