While players are preparing for the Community Day event, one of the biggest Pokémon Go events coming up in few days TIME, there seems to be bad news for some players. A long while ago, Niantic, Pokémon Go developer warned players about upgrades, which will affect those with old Apple devices. However, many gamers refused to hearken to the warning. Now, the time is nearly upon us, and it is clear that Niantic doesn’t owe anyone an apology or explanation.

Will it affect the Community Day event?

The Pokémon Go Community day event is a monthly mini-event, designed to encourage players to play together worldwide.

This event will take place on Saturday, February 24, which is just a few days from now. The event will feature the special creature, Dratini, and its unique move will be Draco Meteor as it evolves from its second to third stage. Worldwide, players are so excited, but the latest news, released by Developer Niantic, seems not to sit well with some gamers.

The good news is that players, who have old iPhone models will still be able to participate in the upcoming Pokémon Go Community Day event, and will be able to catch as many Dratini as they can. In fact, they will also get the resource bonuses and everything the mini-event has to offer. Unfortunately, this will be the last chance for players who do not switch to a newer device after the event.

Apple devices that won’t be supported

Niantic has announced that iPhone 5 and below will no longer be able to support the Augmented Reality Game, Pokémon Go, from February 28 on. Therefore, players with the old devices won’t be able to have access to their Pokémon Go accounts, PokeCoins, or other items. In order to have access to all these, you must upgrade to one of the supported devices in Developer Niantic’s list.

They clearly stated that your phones must be able to run iOS 11 in order for you to keep playing the game. This doesn’t mean that your phone must have it, rather that what’s important is its ability to run in it. Therefore, they will end support for Apple devices that are not capable of upgrading to iOS 11, due to lack of iOS functionality on older models.

If this applies to you, enjoy your last few days with the augmented reality game, and ensure that you get the most out of the upcoming Community Day event. For those still using iPhone 5s and 6, beware, your day of reckoning may be near because iPhone 6 cannot run new features like the Apple AR Kit, and this might not be the last new feature you won't be able to access with it.