Video games have an assortment of characters and personalities that make playing a game so addictive. As the protagonist, you’ll encounter many individuals you’ll partner up with. Some of these characters are useful while others are just plain irritating. Bad partners usually come in the form of escort missions where you’re tasked with delivering or securing an individual and keeping them away from harm. Moreover, your partner cannot fight back and is usually a hindrance, as enemies will target them. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the most Annoying partners in video games.

Ashley Graham

This college student is the president’s daughter in “Resident Evil 4” that was kidnapped on her way home. Ashley was taken to a remote village somewhere in Spain where she was held ransom by the cult, Los Iluminados, as a way to gain control over the Presidency. Instead of giving what the Los Iluminados wanted, the U.S. Government sent agent Leon Kennedy to rescue Ashley instead. Once you finally find Ashley, it’s your job to keep her safe at all times. She can be kidnapped again if you’re not paying attention, but she’ll let out a really annoying scream so you know she’s in danger. Ashley is notorious in the gaming industry for being one of the most annoying partners of all-time, and it isn’t hard to see why.

Baby Mario

The plumber who usually goes around saving others, like his beloved princess Peach, was once a baby who also needed someone to rescue him. In “Yoshi’s Island,” Yoshi is the savior who must guide Baby Mario across different stages, and if they ever get separated, Baby Mario will cry his eyes out until you manage to get him.

It might be tempting to just ditch the character altogether, but you’ll need him if you want to finish the game. Thankfully enough, you can always just mute the game to avoid listening to his ear-piercing cries.


Navi is actually a helpful fairy that joins Link on his grand quest in “The Ocarina of Time.” She constantly tells the hero everything he needs to know about the world while also providing him with some useful tips in battle.

Despite her initial charm and helpfulness, Navi can come off as a little too aggressive whenever she tries to catch Link’s attention. Many players have claimed that she constantly pesters him with her familiar quote: “Hey!... Hey!... Listen!” in a continuous and painful loop. Just when you think you can finally continue your adventure, Navi will come along and waste more of your time.