"Destiny 2" players are pretty much aware of Bungie's recent job post looking for a new community manager including the news about Eric Hirshberg stepping down as Activision's Publishing CEO. Another known member of the dev staff has recently protected their Twitter account.


Known in the "Destiny" community as dmg04, Bungie's player support recently protected his Twitter Account for reasons that are yet to be known. However, the online shooter's player base has different speculations as to why the game's community helper did such move.

If folks over at "Destiny's" subreddit are anything to go by, they believe that this may be due to the harassment he's been getting in relation to the game. Others speculate that it could be the Twitter trolls that may have pushed dmg to lock his account.

Players are very much aware of the current situation of the game including the sneaky tactics of Bungie with the throttling of both Faction Tokens and weapons as the most recent. These - without a doubt - have definitely ignited the fan furor even more that may have caused some of the people over at Bungie to no longer want to take the heat.

'D2' YouTubers grown tired

The worsening state of "Destiny 2" has also crept into YouTubers whose main content is the game itself. Quite a number of them have recently expressed their disappointment in the game and announced on their respective channels that they'll be taking a breather from making "D2" content as they try other upcoming games.

One of the most recent was Patrick Casey (aka Holtzmann). A couple of days ago, he uploaded a vlog making it known that he's grown tired of making content about "Destiny 2." He even hinted that he might do "Monster Hunter World" videos in the future since it is just an upcoming game from Capcom, not to mention that it is one of the most anticipated titles this year.

Datto is also a known "D2" YouTuber who announced that the game is not making the cut for him. He also stated that the negativity surrounding the game affects him big time. adding it's getting difficult for him to create such content.

Another YouTube gamer – KingGothalian - also stated that he'll be separating his channel branding from the game. Just like Holtzmann, he believes that "Monster Hunter World" has a lot of potential alongside other titles like "Sea of Thieves" and "Fortnite."

Other content creators worth mentioning include xHOUNDISHx with his recent "Anthem" video, MoreConsole whose "Destiny 2" uploads have grown to become quite sporadic, and Rifle Gaming who hasn't uploaded a video in weeks. Check out a video about the game here: