Nintendo has announced that Switch owners will now be able to enjoy their consoles in a brand new, novel way. Called Nintendo Labo, the new experience will see users purchase what Nintendo has dubbed "Toy-Cons" which comes with a game and cardboard which can be folded together to create real toys to use alongside your Switch console to play new games such as fishing, racing, and even music. A press release by Nintendo revealed a lot of the details used in this article.

Digital and physical

As the trailer shows, players can create different items out of cardboard and then combine them with their Switch console to create items such as a fishing rod, race car wheel, or piano, and can then use these cardboard accessories to play games on the Switch screen.

So far, two separate Toy-Cons have been announced and each includes a game and the cardboard that includes a print so you can shape it into form. The first kit to be announced is called the "Variety Kit" and will sell for $70. The second is called the "Robot Kit" and will retail at $80.

Make it your own

An official website for Nintendo Labo has been launched and it seems players are also encouraged to express themselves via their Labo kits by coloring in the cardboard, adding stickers, and even encourages players to "dream up new ways to use your Toy-Con creations...and bring them to life." Official details are scarce but this could imply that users will be able to create their own fun and games with the kits that are sold.

The kits

The cheaper "Variety Kit" includes the Toy-Con RC car, the Toy-Con fishing rod that can be used to catch fish on your Switch screen, the Toy-Con hose which allows users to play games in and take care of a cute pet, the Toy-Con motorbike that allows players to feel like they're cruising, and the Toy-Con piano which can be made into a 13-key piano that you can use to record your own music on.

The more expensive "Robot Kit" only includes the Toy-Con Robot but this comes with a wearable suit and visor which allows you to feel as though you're in control of a giant robot as it destroys buildings and UFOs. Nintendo Labo is set to first launch on April 20.

Will it prove to be a hit?

Nintendo Labo certainly has gamers interested, but will the product ultimately deliver on what the trailer promises?

It's certainly an innovative idea, and will no doubt appeal to children, but some may be put off by the price. Nintendo will need to make it clear you're not simply buying cardboard when you invest in Labo kits. This idea of real toys being mixed with video games isn't entirely new. Amiibo has small figures connect with Nintendo consoles to unlock in-game rewards and games such as "Lego Dimensions" and "Skylanders" have used similar concepts. Some of these games have struggled to maintain an audience but time will tell whether Nintendo can succeed where others have failed.