Just yesterday, the entire “Mobile Legends” community was in deep shock following the lawsuit filed by Riot Games against Shanghai Moontoon Technology. The former claims that the latter infringed the copyrights of its hit MOBA game “League of Legends.” Now, the Chinese mobile developer has aired its side, addressing the ongoing issue.

According to ComicBook, Moontoon has released an official statement on the official Facebook page of “Mobile Legends,” addressing the lawsuit filed by Riot Games. The studio even went to address the media for playing a part in this turmoil between two developers.

Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Moontoon addressed the lawsuit

The studio said on the social media site that some media outlets online have published not only negative, but also “unreal reports” against the mobile game. The developer explained that, in one way or another, the game was developed by the company independently. Its copyright has been duly registered and even protected in various countries all over the globe. Hence, according to them, they deserve the right to intellectual property.

Moontoon even assured the entire” Mobile Legends” community that they will not be affected by these reports. They would even continue to provide “the best gameplay experience” to the players and fans alike.

Unfortunately for the media and/or reporter, the studio are going after them. The studio believe they have the right to protect their selves and pursue timely, legal actions.

The studio is only digging its own grave

The problem with Moontoon’s statement is it did not directly mention nor address the lawsuit filed by Riot Games.

The studio did not even deny the basis of the lawsuit completely, but instead decided to execute threat to Riot and the media. It cannot be denied really that Moontoon’s “Mobile Legends” is a direct copy of “League of Legends” in some ways.

The big catch here is the fact that Riot Games is owned by Tencent, a company that is also based in China.

Interestingly, Tencent is also one of the most profitable gaming companies in the plane. Heck, it even owns a popular mobile game called “Honor of Kings,” which also appears to be a legal rip off of “League of Legends.” Actually, it was meant to be the mobile version of “LoL.” Considering all of these, there is no reason to believe that Tencent will not pursue legal action of its own. Perhaps, Moontoon should revisit its option and see how they can find the light at the end of the tunnel.