'Mobile Legends: Bang Bang' is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game that plays on Android and iOS platforms. It was developed by China-based mobile games developer Moonton Technology. On July 6, 2017, Riot sued Moonton Technology for Copyright Infringement. They claim that the company in question copied the main elements of the game from their Tencent's PC-only MOBA game 'League of Legends'. The lawsuit was filed in the Central District Court of California. The complaints they have is that the game is too similar to their highest grossing PC game which is the 'League of Legends'.

What makes 'Mobile Legends' and 'League of Legends' similar?

To start off, their logos have similar fonts and even the backdrop is the same being a shield. Both games even have the word 'Legends' in their title. It does not stop there because once you are in game, you will see that the map of 'Mobile Legends' closely resemble the other. The objects, the monsters, and even the buildings are similar. However, 'League of Legends' is not necessarily the first MOBA game. They will not sue for minor similarities since they both have the same game genre. However, essential elements of the game was said to have been copied. An example is the eerie similarity that goes down to tiny specific details such as the textures and the colors of the map.

Some characters from the games of Moonton Technology also resemble characters from 'League of Legends.' The character design, as well as the skill sets of different characters, resemble each other. Character design aside, having almost the same character with the same skills from another game sounds suspicious.

Who will win?

Given the screenshots of the two games and their similarities in court, no one can tell who will win the case. If things go well for Moonton, Riot games might as well buy the said company. This would be the best ending for Moonton. On the other side, if they lose, they might be faced with huge charges. They also risk losing the games in question.

Whatever the outcome of this lawsuit, it is undeniable that both games are very popular and is earning by the millions. Whoever wins the case can keep on earning their share of revenues, but the heavier consequences go to Moonton Technology if they end up losing. The final decision as to the alleged copyright infringement of Moonton Technology lies in the hands of the Central District Court of California.