"PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" (PUBG) players have been eagerly waiting to see the new map ever since it was first announced back in November. Discussion on popular gaming boards followed as players speculated on the new map's features, locations, and whether or not it will contain exclusive content. Well, all that was put to a stop as @PLAYERUNKNOWN himself announced the new map on his Twitter account last night:

New map comes with exclusive content

Players rejoiced once again after they learned that the new PUBG map is not the only surprise PUBG has in store.

It was also revealed that we're going to see new weapons and vehicles added into the game, some of which are exclusive to the new map alone. One of the new weapons is an all-new handgun, the R45 Revolver, which was revealed on Twitter:

Besides the handgun, the desert map is also going to contain an all-new rifle - Winchester 94. Similar to the R45 Revolver, the Win94 rifle will be exclusive to Miramar and is going to be a world spawn. In other words, players will be able to loot the new weapons just like they loot other items, and will likely not be found in air drops.

Here's how the new rifle looks like:

Besides new weapons, one other piece of content that players always wanted to see is new vehicles, and many wished for a new water vehicle.

Until now, the only available option was a small boat, but now, players will be able to pick up a jet ski and speed through the waters in both Erangel and Miramar! Named, "Aquarail," PUBG revealed the long-desired speedy this morning on Twitter:

Miramar will also be home to a new land vehicle, an unnamed jeep (see below).

Players have now started speculating whether or not all the current land vehicles will also be found in the new desert map. If yes, this would mean that the new map will contain a total of seven land vehicles and two sea vehicles. The land vehicles would include the two UAZ's (open and closed top), the two motorcycles (with and without sidecar), the Buggy, Dacia 1300, and the new jeep seen below.

One other new vehicle that's expected to be added is something that resembles a VW's 70's van.

Update expected in late December

The desert map is planned as part of a bigger update that PUBG is getting ready to shed out on its servers by the end of the year.

Besides the new map, the update will also contain the long-awaited vaulting feature, along with bug fixes and other additions to the game's content base. All this is expected to be wrapped in PUBG's official 1.0 release when it will leave Steam Early Access. It is now also known that the XboxOne version of the game should become available around the same time and that the PS4 version is in the works as well.