More exciting things are coming to the popular battle royale title, “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.” Game Director Brendan Greene revealed this information in his latest Ask-me-anything activity on Reddit. Greene discussed the team future plans for the fan-favorite game while answering questions from players.

The game director noted that they are looking into a potential Single Player mode infused in the game in the near future. Ranked Play and game performance enhancements were also revealed to be added to the title soon. In addition, Greene revealed that three new vehicles are coming to the game very soon.

New vehicles

On September 22, the official Twitter account of “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” shared a picture of one of the vehicles that will soon be added to the game. The New Vehicle resembles a model from a German car manufacturer. It looks like a Volkswagen mini-bus that could accommodate the player and his squad. It looks perfect for in-game looting activities.

The mini-bus is illustrated as having four side windows with a couple on the front and back. The maximum number of players in a team, at the moment, is four. But the new vehicle looks like it could fit as many as six to eight. There are two more vehicles that fans would like to have a look at. The vehicles have been teased by the game developer for several months now.

Players are now excited and waiting for any announcement on the release of the new vehicles.

Ranked Play

In addition to the new vehicles, Greene also mentioned Ranked Play. The director revealed during the Ask-Me-Anything on Reddit that they are looking into adding the mode in the popular battle royale title. The confirmation delighted fans although Greene did not reveal additional information about the upcoming feature.

Other details

Brendan Greene also discussed the progression system to be included soon to maintain player engagement. Soon, players will experience the weapon skill system and character leveling system. Greene made it clear that this new progression system will not in any way affect the current gameplay. Apart from this, he added that fans will soon see changes in the Blue Zone system.

The changes will ensure fair implementation of the penetration system in the game.

Bluehole is also looking into improving the performance of “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.” Greene acknowledged that at present, the game is still CPU limited. He noted that this affects those players using higher specs more than those who are using lower spec systems. There are still a lot of things to be done in terms of game optimization that the developer needs to do, but the director assured fans their unwavering commitment and dedication.