Tech giant Apple recently admitted to intentionally slowing down iPhone devices as their batteries aged. While the company offered apologies, organizations around the world are filing lawsuits. A report by CNet provided most of the facts for this article.

You know that feeling when you felt like your iPhone is working slower than it used to? Remember all the conspiracy theories that smartphones are being rendered obsolete intentionally within a time period? Well, it turns out it's all true. An iOS update that we all installed on our iPhones had a secret (hidden) directive that literally and intentionally slowed down the device.

French organization files a criminal lawsuit

An environmental group from France called Halte à l’Obsolescence Programmée (HOP), which translates to Stop Planned Obsolescence, will possibly prosecute Apple based on a criminal charge. In their statement, the group reflects on the fact that planned obsolescence, with the intention to reduce the duration and increase replacement rates of devices, directly violates a 2015 French law. Potentially, Apple execs will be facing up to two years in prison or a hefty company fine. The prosecutors can still decide whether or not to fully pursue the case.

Apple apologizes, offers explanation

Apple published an official apology on their website on December 28, apologizing to their customers and offering an explanation for their actions.

The company said that the software update that caused this was released about a year ago - iOS 10.2.1 - with a task to manage device power during peak workload in order to prevent unexpected shutdowns. Apple's apology letter also admits that the software update caused longer launch times for apps and "other" performance reductions in some cases.

iOS updates were rolled out to iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE. The same kind of update was added in iOS 11.2, on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices.

Lawsuits coming in from New York, Israel, Texas

Multiple iPhone users filed lawsuits in New York a few days ago after learning the company intentionally slowed down their devices.

The frustrated iPhone owners said that the sole reason they upgraded to a newer iPhone device is due to their original becoming too slow.They also said that had they known that the battery is the issue, they would have just bought a new battery and not a whole new iPhone device.

Apple offers discounted battery replacements

In light of recent events, and on top of apologizing, Apple is now also offering a $50 discount on new battery purchases. Some call this a good move by Apple while others say that the company is in a pattern of showing regret and offering a solution only after being caught. Apple recently investigated an incident where an iPhone 8 Plus battery burst open.