Game developer Bungie released a new update for “Destiny 2” together with the launch of its first expansion: Curse of Osiris. The patch added new tweaks to the game, fixed some bugs that appeared before the new Update, and more. One of the notable additions that came with the update was a new support feature for higher resolutions.

The game company also revealed new equipment that came along with the new expansion. It introduced new weapons, new exotics, a new helmet, and more.

4K and HDR support now available

Bungie recently released a new update for the video game together with the new expansion to tweak it.

One of the additions was the most anticipated 4K and Hdr support that introduced better resolutions for 4K TVs.

PlayStation 4 Pro owners can use the adaptive 4K feature, which meant that it will scale to the resolution to balance the frame rate. Xbox One X players can enjoy 4K resolutions with high dynamic range lighting.

Higher level cap implemented

With the new expansion introduced, “Destiny 2” got a higher level cap. This has also changed the required Power for some of the activities in the game. Events like Strikes and Nightfalls now require a Power of 270, while a recommended Power of 300 is now needed for the Leviathan Raid.

Other update contents

Bungie also introduced several changes with the new update.

On Sandbox, the update increased the damage dealt to bosses from Super abilities. It also adjusted the Recovery stat’s output so that regeneration will be slightly faster this time around.

The PvP feature also got some changes with the new updates like fixes on several issues. It fixed instances where players would suddenly get out of bounds of the playable area in a few maps.

It also fixed a problem that caused to show a previous kill instead of a new kill in the kill feed.

An issue where the Prime Ether Servitor would sometimes not spawn during the Ether Resupply public events was also fixed. Bungie also reduced the XP rewards of some public events so that it would be fair for other activities being introduced.

New content introduced with new expansion

In other “Destiny 2” related news, Bungie posted on the game’s Instagram page some of the new gear that was introduced in the new expansion: Curse of Osiris. It showed a preview of the new gear like the solar Coldheart weapon. It fires a solar beam instead of ice.

The Titan helmet and Warlock chest armor were also revealed. “Destiny 1’s” Red Death pulse rifle was also introduced, which regenerated health for players who killed their opponents.

Check out the 'Destiny 2' Expansion I: Curse of Osiris launch trailer here: