"Destiny 2" fans received another piece of information regarding the upcoming DLC, just days after we posted about the DLC name being revealed. Just like last time, there were more "Gods of Mars" details from a PSN store fluke, but this time depicting much more information.

'Gods of Mars' leaked details

"Gods of Mars" features we will enjoy:

  • Explore an all-new destination, where the mysterious Clovis Grove and Charlemagne's Vault will be revealed
  • Exciting new adventures and missions
  • New gear, armor, and weapons (themes)
  • New activities (cooperative gameplay)
  • New multiplayer arenas (competitive gameplay)
  • All new bosses, and new factions

New 'Destiny 2' DLC takes us to the Frigid Vale of Mars

The description within goes on to tell us that the second "Destiny 2" expansion takes the players to the Frigid Vale of Mars.

The Frigid Vale of Mars is supposed to feature an array of exciting new missions, adventures, weapon themes, new bosses, and even new factions! Lore gets exciting too, as Charlemagne reawakens and holds Rasputin as his prisoner. We are to work with Ana Bray, who was thought to be dead, and free Rasputin with her aid. Oh, we'll also enjoy some juicy secrets pertaining to Clovis Bray along the way!

'Destiny 2' updates on the way

As we eagerly await the new "Destiny 2" DLC, players are reminded that there's more to look forward to! As I reported a few days ago, there's a Space Vault and Eververse update on the way! This update is supposed to get here in early 2018, possibly January, and is going to depict the Eververse update that the developers finally decided to revisit once again.

Some hope the recent Nova Bomb exploit will be fixed at the same time as well, while others are doing everything they can to make use of the glitch as much as possible.

Video: 'Gods of Mars' recap

The video below explains a bit more about what players should expect in future updates. This also includes the "Gods of Mars" DLC that we all eagerly are waiting for.

On top of the DLC, the video also gives information on what kind of Eververse and Space Vault updates we could expect. Apparently, there's both a short-term and a long-term solution.

While most "Destiny 2" players have had their hands full with "Curse of Osiris" since the beginning of the month, this is certainly more to look forward to with this upcoming expansion. That said, while no official release date for the next expansion has been confirmed yet, players will just have to wait it out.