After what seemed like an eternity for many, the first "Destiny 2" expansion, "Curse of Osiris," is finally live, and most gamers are probably glued to their consoles right now as they try to grind away and uncover all that the expansion has to offer. With the expansion going live, fans and players can certainly expect a lot of content to be covered in the coming days, whether it be YouTube content creators, Twitch streamers, writers, or eager fans that have waited a long time to finally get to play "Curse of Osiris." Below are some of the latest updates coming from the game as players make their way through the expansion.

Reddit users discuss Well Rested buff in 'Destiny 2'

According to the Reddit forum relating to "Destiny 2," one of the topics of discussion today had to do with the Well Rested Buff in-game, and the way as a player to go about taking advantage of said buff. According to the original poster on the forum, the buff returns once players hit level 25. This is certainly good news for anyone that wants to take advantage of it and reap the rewards in the process.

What is this buff in 'Destiny 2'?

For those unfamiliar with the buff in question, the Well Rested buff in "Destiny 2," appears next to your character when you're looking at your weapons and armor. The buff is given to players during the weekly reset of "Destiny 2." The buff resets every week, without fail.

So, when the reset occurs and players login to their accounts, you will get the buff.

The buff increases the total number of experience points players earn for what they do in-game -- for the first 3 levels. Actions such as killing a Dreg, finishing a Strike/Crucible match, or completing a Public Event are worth 3x the experience points for the first three levels of the week.

The Well Rested buff is a great way to farm experience points, and a nice incentive to perform as many tasks as you can to take full advantage of the effect.

The general consensus for a lot of players on the Reddit forum seems to be that they went for it as soon as "Curse of Osiris" became playable, and now a good portion of them don't have much to do, with some players even proclaiming that they are already done with the expansion.

In a lot of ways, this is essentially the gaming equivalent of binging an entire season of your favorite show in one sitting, and then being left with nothing to watch. Either way, whether you played the new expansion for hours on end upon its release, or whether you're taking a more casual approach, there's sure to be a lot to look forward to in the near future.