"Destiny 2" came out back in September and players have been playing through the different stages of the game, discovering all the hidden secrets and Easter eggs and have recently been completing the tasks that Bungle released with the Curse of Osiris DLC release. With that release, a Reddit user called _Wolvhammer_ believes he found a certain character from the first "Destiny" game. He believes that he discovered the hiding place for Saint-14.

Where is Saint-14 in 'Destiny 2'?

In his Reddit post, _Wolvhammer_ said that he was doing the UP and Up adventure on "Destiny 2," which takes players into the dark future.

He said that they did some exploring around the area and found a door that had a small hole in the middle of the door. It was here that he believes they found Saint-14.

Here is a look at what that door with the hole looks like in the game.

The two players approached the door and wanted to know what was beyond it. To do so, _Wolvhammer_ said that he looked through the hole and said he saw a strange body floating beyond that door. In order to get a closer look, he said that he used his sniper and focused through the hole and he is almost certain it is Saint-14. He pointed out the purple ribbons like the new exotic ship.

Here is a look at the second screenshot, with the sniper looking through the hole.

Saint-14's Lore

Saint-14 is an Exo Titan who had a crusade against the Fallen in the "Destiny" lore. When it comes to the Curse of the Osiris, He vouched for Osiris' rise to the commander of the Vanguard. His mission was to go to Mercury to search for Osiris and no one has seen him since.

When it comes to the lore of Saint-14, he wrote that he never found Osiris but killed enough Vex to end a war but not without taking a blow to himself. He wrote that they completed a Mind that drained the light from him. If this was the truth, and his light was drained, the idea that this figure in "Destiny 2" and the Curse of Osiris is this popular character is questionable.

Of course, some commenters theorized that this could be Saint-14's body and it could lead to a hidden quest exotic.

There is also the argument that Saint-14 was such an important character that there is no way that Bungle would kill him offscreen in between games. One theory could be that we might see him again in the past and there is no telling what this door represents since it has not been opened in "Destiny 2" and the Curse of Osiris yet. If this is Saint-14 and players might one day have a chance to revive him, it could be a huge moment in a future DLC for the game.