With the release of the first "Destiny 2" expansion "Curse of Osiris" now days away, fans and gamers are already speculating regarding the Location of the next DLC within the game. According to one Reddit user, however, these speculations may have, in fact, hit the nail on the head.

The latest speculation regarding the next DLC in 'Destiny 2'

Reddit user Jutseph posted the potential spoilers on the platform earlier today. And, while one certainly has to take every rumor and potential spoiler with a grain of salt, Jutseph certainly made some valid points, which are summarized below:

Reddit user Jutseph outlines next possible DLC location

  • Jutseph posits that the next DLC for "Destiny 2" will take place on the North Pole of Mars, with a focus on the Warminds.
  • Promotional material for the Expansion Pass includes a Warmind door, surrounded by a landscape rather similar to the Mars seen in the first "Destiny" game.
  • The Warmind on Io is abbreviated as JYS, which ties in with King Charlemagne.
  • Jutseph further notes that in the Arecibo adventure, Ghost has a glitch at the end which hints at the new DLC, further positing that Charlemagne was trying to communicate their location. Also, given the fact that Mars does have ice caps on its North Pole, Mars is certainly a viable location.
  • "Retribution" is set on Mars, and has an orbit screen, implying that one can fly back and forth from the planet.
  • Mars appears in the post-credits scene, along with Mercury, the Dreadnaught, and the Reef.

The logic behind this seems solid, so, perhaps the only thing left to do is wait for an official announcement at some point in the future -- which may only be a formality at that point.

What do you think of the possibility of the North Pole of Mars being the location for the next DLC?

Either way, this is certainly a lot more to digest, and much more for gamers to ponder and get excited about leading up to the release of "Curse of Osiris" and beyond. Whether it's finding new, creative ways to farm Faction Tokens in-game, speculation regarding the appearance of Exotic weapons in "Curse of Osiris," or any number of in-game tidbits and extras (including 2 recently revealed maps courtesy of IGN -- Pacifica and Wormhaven), there's certainly a lot on the slate to look forward to when it comes to all things "Destiny 2."

In the meantime, however, "Curse of Osiris" is nearing its release, set for December 5th. What are you looking forward to most about "Curse of Osiris"?