While the release of "Curse of Osiris" (the first expansion for "Destiny 2") has been in sight for quite some time, the fact remains that the release date of December 5th is drawing ever closer. While "Destiny 2" fans have occupied themselves with breaking down the "Curse of Osiris" trailer frame by frame, and while they've been neck deep in fan theory and speculation regarding the return of exotic weapons, new details have continued to emerge leading up to the eventual release of the expansion.

'Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris' PvP maps explored

One of the many exciting things about the new expansion is the fact that there will be new maps to explore and master.

According to IGN, "Curse of Osiris" will include three new Pvp maps as part of the Crucible. The folks at IGN were able to test out two of the three maps (Pacifica and Wormhaven). Of the two maps that they were able to test out, Wormhaven is a PlayStation exclusive.

'Curse of Osiris' PvP map: Pacifica

In terms of what the maps actually entail, Pacifica pits players against one another on Titan's surface. On this map, players will have to face one another in narrow hallways and coridoors in a fight for key entrance points. Just from that description alone, players can expect a lot of close-quarters combat as they rub elbows with their enemies.

Alternatively, there are also long hallways with elevated areas to mount your attack, as well as a ground level base.

Keeping in mind that this is all indoors, there is also an outdoor element to explore as well. The exterior of the map provides a much more open area to carry out your attack, and, though there is little cover, it will allow you to flank enemies that happen to be guarding the doorways, so, overall, not a horrible trade-off.

'Destiny 2' PvP map: Wormhaven

While Pacifica allows players to do battle on the surface of Titan, Wormhaven takes you into Titan's depths, where you will encounter a world covered in Hive remnants. The good news is that these remnants can serve as cover from enemy fire raining down from above. You can also carry out surprise attacks on opponents guarding the staircases leading to the upper areas.

According to IGN, there are a lot of areas for players to engage, as well as retreat.

While the issue of balance in PvP certainly still exists, at the very least, these new maps will provide new landscapes upon which players can test their skills. To play all three maps from "Curse of Osiris," however, players still have to wait for the release of the expansion on December 5th.