With "Destiny 2" being as popular a game as it is, social media and other forums are a hub of activity for all things regarding the game. One such hub of activity is none other than Reddit, and the corresponding "Destiny" Reddit forum. While many players are counting down the days until the first "Destiny 2" expansion, "Curse of Osiris," is released on December 5th, an ongoing struggle and/or quest, as it were, is one that involves the best, most efficient ways to farm Faction Tokens within the game.

YouTube content creator xHOUNDISHx uploaded a video today showing players exactly how to accomplish this task:

Farming for Faction Tokens in 'Destiny 2'

If you like your "Destiny" news, tips, tricks, and cheats delivered in a posh British accent, then xHOUNDISHx is the man to deliver.

As with all games, there are always bugs and glitches that can be exploited for the benefit of gamers everywhere, and in this case, it's a loophole that allows players to farm Faction Tokens rather quickly. That said, essentially within the introduction itself, there is already a disclaimer of sorts that this loophole will not be around for long, as there will likely be a patch issued relatively quickly to counter this loophole and keep gamers from exploiting it. xHOUNDISHx himself calls the method "absolutely ridiculous," so those that want to reap the rewards best get to farming -- if they aren't doing so already.

In a nutshell, you want to go to the Winding Cove, clear out the Lost Sector, kill the captain/boss, and open the corresponding chest.

Once you open the chest, there is a doorway that leads back out. You head through the doorway and keep going until you hit Winding Cove, at which point you can turn around, go back into the Lost Sector, and open the chest once more.

Each time you open the chest, 3 Faction Tokens drop, and, you can essentially continue to repeat the process for as long as you want -- or until a new patch is issued.

Reactions from 'Destiny 2' players farming Faction Tokens

The original Reddit thread was posted 12 hours ago by AwokenTitans, with the Youtube Video included. Overall, many commenters seemed to share the same sentiment, which is that they'd like to be able to take advantage of this farming technique before the next patch is issued that would essentially nerf it.

The4rchivist wrote:

"Please don't be patched before I get home, please don't be patched before I get home, please don't be patched before I get home,..."

Have you been able to farm Faction Tokens using this method in "Destiny 2"?