With all the hype that has been building leading up to the release of the first expansion for "Destiny 2" -- "Curse of Osiris" -- fans have a lot to celebrate, as the expansion is now playable...finally. Along with the arrival of the "Curse of Osiris" expansion, fans can expect a slew of new content from the community of YouTube content creators and game reviewers, and that just so happens to be the case in this instance.

Triggering Heroic mode in 'Destiny 2' public event

YouTube content creator Esoterickk uploaded a video to the platform today showing gamers how to activate Heroic mode for the new public event on Mercury.

You can view the video below:

According to the description accompanying the video, players need to kill the floating Vex objects that appear after going to each of the islands and shutting down the warp gates. Apparently, they first appear after you shut down the first warp gate, and then several more appear as you continue the process. Once you finish them all off, make your way to the top and stand in the Vex plate to activate Heroic mode. According to Esoterickk, if you don't want to sit through the entire video, you can skip to the 2:02 mark.

While the video itself does not have any in-game, walkthrough commentary, just the simple fact that you're looking at "Curse of Osiris" in action is likely more than enough to satisfy "Destiny 2" gamers after such a long wait -- and all the anticipation and hype that came with it.

Fan reaction on YouTube seems mixed so far for 'Curse of Osiris'

It's definitely too early for a lot of players to form a solid, concrete opinion as far as "Curse of Osiris" is concerned, and a lot of people are probably still in a haze of some kind following all of the pre-loading that went on before actually getting to play the expansion, but, the initial reaction certainly seems mixed so far.

In the next few days, one can expect a lot more in-depth analysis as streamers, players, reviewers, and others take the time to delve into the meat and bones of the expansion.

dante pisani wrote: "Two tokens and TWO blues?! Well, now that's more like it!"

While a less-than-enthusiastic whitelion silentpride wrote: "The promises of Bungie is empty as BS"

Twitter silent as gamers delve into 'Curse of Osiris'

Meanwhile, at the time of this writing, the Twittersphere seems to be silent as most gamers are likely too busy playing the game to tweet about it.

That will likely change in the coming days as well.

Have you played "Curse of Osiris" yet? What are your initial thoughts?