A huge gaming rumor has surfaced this morning, but this time it involves a remastered version of "Dark Souls 1" game. The Bandai Namco's popular action RPG is rumored to arrive on all gaming platforms, which include Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

According to ComicBook, the FromSoftware-developed game is being remastered for all gaming platforms, including Nintendo Switch. The news about the game started when Marcus Sellars, an editor, and writer for Nintendo Switch Network, made a reply to a tweet about the Japanese gaming giant Bandai Namco.

The Japanese studio is reportedly holding some big gaming event on December 15.

In the reported tweet, Sellars said that five unannounced games will be shown off during the huge December 15 event and that Nintendo Switch will also have a big presence in the upcoming gaming event.

The rumors about Dark Souls remaster came when Sellars tweeted, confirming that Bandai Namco is holding something big and that one of the games that are being planned will be a remastered version of "Dark Souls 1." However, the original tweet has been removed. But some gaming websites have managed to take some screenshot image before it can be taken down, the website reported. The screenshot image has been posted on Reddit.

About the rumored tweet

For many "Dark Souls" fans, this is exciting gaming news. As mentioned earlier by ComicBook, if the rumored tweet proves to be true, the "Dark Souls 1" remaster version on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch would be huge news for gamers, especially for those who played the original game when it was first released on 2011.

But the biggest addition would be the game release for the Nintendo Switch. This could make the action RPG even much bigger.

But like with any other gaming rumors, the idea of “Dark Souls 1” being remastered for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch should be taken with a grain of salt until Bandai Namco’s big announcement on December 15.

Other gaming news

In other gaming-related news, the action RPG game has a new map editor that will allow gamers to remove enemies from the game. The PC Gamer reports that "Dark Souls 2" now has a level editor and file repacker that will allow players to reshuffle or even remove enemies from the game’s level entirely. The map editor's creator Jgwman also made some good explanation about what the new editor could bring.

Finally, the editor creator also provides some details and instructions within the Level Editor and Repacker Q&A, which can be found on the Nexus website. The website described itself as community-driven websites that provide a platform for mode creators.