Good news for "Gta 5 Online" fans: Rockstar Games' annual Christmas event update will arrive today. The developer is now getting ready for the start of the game’s Festive Surprise Christmas event.

According to UK-based Daily Express, the widely popular action adventure game is about to receive another big update, along with some festive gifts, new items, and other in-game bonuses. The Christmas-themed event update is not new to "GTA 5" fans. Rockstar already mentioned the new update last week in a blog post. It also revealed to the gaming world the new Festive Surprise, which has been given a December 19 release date across all gaming platforms.

About the update

Rockstar Games has not shared much information about the upcoming update, but fans have a good idea in terms of what to expect from the update. Fans believe that the upcoming Christmas-themed updates will be similar to previous events, where the developer introduced free gifts, new items, and other in-game bonuses.

One thing is for sure, snow is coming back to "GTA 5 Online," just like in previous events. The snow allows players to throw snowballs, and the game will also include free Christmas trees in apartments.

The news about the Festive Surprise comes days after Rockstar’s release of the "GTA Online Doomsday Heist," which features an unlikely team effort to save San Andreas from total annihilation.

In "Doomsday Heist," "GTA" players can explore downtown Los Santos, Mount Chiliad, and the ocean floor. Check out the video to learn more about "Doomsday Heist."

Other 'GTA'-related stories

Last week, it was reported that a skilled team of data miners discovered a note hidden deep inside the action adventure title. The discovery has resulted in a scavenger hunt for a golden six-shooter weapon that is reportedly used in the upcoming "Red Dead Redemption 2."

The discovery was made by the Guru Team, which is the same data mining team that solved the mystery behind the GTA UFO story.

The team discovered some sort of description about a revolver, which many believe was planted by someone from Rockstar’s upcoming "RDR 2" game.

According to LAD Bible, the revolver can be unlocked in Rockstar’s "RDR 2" game if players can complete a corresponding mission within "GTA 5." This recent discovery prompted Rockstar Games to release an official statement regarding the revolver mission.

"GTA 5 Online" is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.