Not long after its debut, Bungie released the first Expansion Pack for their shooter game, "Destiny 2," called "Curse of Osiris." The update includes new missions and side quests on new planets that have not been explored before, as well as new armor and weapons that blow previous versions of the artillery out of the water. Another new feature is the ability to execute six-person raids, but the cherry on top is the new selfie emote, which includes nine new selfie angle alterations that deliver what fans have been asking for.

9 selfie angle adjustments in 'Destiny 2'

The new angle changes are: Normal, look up first to increase the Field Of View, or look down first to decrease the field of view. Gamers can also gain different angles by squatting: squat first to angle the camera up, which gives a normal field of view, squat first, then look up, which angles the camera upward with an increased field of view, or squat first, then look down, which angles the camera directly up toward your face. Sitting works differently depending on the environment, but if you sit first, this angles up with a large field of view. Other unique tricks are to dance first, which provides a straight-on selfie with a decreased field of view, and wave first, which slightly increases the field of view.

According to Reddit, the most useful selfie angles are, "looking up first to increase your FOV, or waving first to accomplish a very similar effect."

Selfie angles are influenced by the class you are playing and also the amount of space in the virtual environment, but gamer Kegarr advised 'Destiny 2' Reddit members to have someone push you into the shot to prevent unwanted cropping; this also allows Guardians to take a selfie of other characters as well.

Combining emotes is another new feature in "Curse of Osiris." To do this, activate the selfie, sit down, switch emotes, then use the new emote. This will allow you to use other emotes while keeping the selfie view.

Ways to get the new selfie emote

There are different ways to obtain the new selfie emote in "Destiny 2." First, just like the other emotes, Guardians will need to get the Bright Engrams, which can contain ships, ghosts, ornaments, shaders, and emotes.

Getting your hands on a selfie emote can be difficult, because of the random number generator game you will need to play to accomplish this.

Emotes can also be bought from Tess Everis of Eververse, but this can be done only when a gamer levels up, fills the bar if they are at max level, or if they earn rewards by playing. Selfie emotes can also appear in the inventory of the Eververse. Of course, this rotates with each reach reset, so gamers need to check for them every week.