Epic Games rolled out a new update for "Fortnite" that contains a lot of tweaks and bug fixes. They also got something in store for their Xbox One players as the Xbox One X support officially kicked off last week. "Fortnite" players will get some amazing changes with this update, and it will definitely improve quality of the game.

V.1.10 patch

The "Fortnite" team posted the patch notes for the changes that come with the 1.10 update. Once again, the new update will affect both Save the World and Battle Royale modes.

The new patch brings new inventory interface to "Fortnite" Battle Royale, and it is way better as compared to its predecessor.

Version two of the UI is very much organized and this is definitely heaven-sent for both console and PC players as they can now easily pick-up or remove items from their inventory.

New feature/game mode hints

Epic also highlighted what they call a Limited Time Mode. Intel about this new feature/game mode is null at the time of writing, though according to the game maker, they'll be spilling out the details about this at this year's Game Awards on December 7 at 7 P.M. PST.

As mentioned, Xbox players are finally getting their exclusive "Fortnite" heroes. Just like their PlayStation counterpart, Epic has shelled out four heroes for its Save the World mode.

Bandage nerf, aim assist, and trap sounds

The developer also announced in the patch notes that they'll be reducing the chance of getting bandages from both supply drops and treasure chests by up to 35 percent, making it a bit difficult to come by in Battle Royale.

Alongside this bandage nerf is the reduction of aim assist on controllers.

This will be great news for players as it will easily "lead targets with sniper rifles." Meanwhile, tracers in silenced SMGs in Battle Royale were already removed including the reload action of the sniper rifle while in its scope view.

One thing many "Fortnite" Battle Royale players complained about is the loudness of a few traps.

Fortunately, Epic Games listened to the players and decided to do something about it. The latest patch added a new warning sound that activates when a player approaches a ceiling or wall trap. In addition, teammates' footsteps will not be much quieter than the footsteps of enemies.

Save the World

As for its Save the World mode, the Vindertech Scoped Handcannon's range has been buffed from 7.5 tiles to 8. However, both its damage and impact were a bit nerfed and are now at 56 and 90 respectively from its original 62 and 100.

Epic also added five new discovery quests including new map icons for all of the game mode's secondary activities. Mutant Storm alerts, on the other hand, are now set to a fixed target number.

However, its quota remained the same to 10 per day.

The team also addressed the issues encountered by both PS4 and Xbox One players regarding update size and loading. Epic stated that they are looking for ways to reduce the update size for Xbox. They pointed out though that they already have a workaround for this. Nonetheless, "the update is larger than usual." They also clarified that the loading time for PS4 is "taking longer than expected." They advised players to let the download to "complete naturally" and went on stating that they are teaming up with SIE to fix the issue.