The latest updates for "Destiny 2" reveal new gameplay changes coming this week. Bungie announced that the sequel will have a new Reward System, economy changes, and Crucible maps for the upcoming first DLC expansion pack, "Curse of Osiris."

Game director Luke Smith and project head Mark Noseworthy will also answer several fan questions regarding the feedback they received from the game since its launch. Their answers will reveal their new plans for the sequel's future next year and beyond.

Upcoming game updates

According to Luke Smith, the details of the new gameplay updates for "Destiny 2" will be revealed within the week and it will launch into the sequel alongside the "Curse of Osiris" DLC expansion pack on Dec.

5. The changes include the game's Economy system as vendors are selling new character weapons, gears, loots, tokens, and legendary shards.

There is also a new reward system in the sequel wherein players can now easily achieve rewards for unlocking weapons and gears. Smith along with Mark Noseworthy will address the numerous feedback from the video game fans regarding the sequel's future plans and gameplay improvements.

The responses to Smith's tweets have been diverse, with some players from Reddit saying that it is a "make or break" moment for "Destiny 2," while others argue to manage expectations as the first game has shown just how much Bungie within a year.

New Crucible map

Bungie announced the new Crucible maps for the "Curse of Osiris" expansion and they are Pacifica and Titan.

Titan was featured in "Destiny 2's campaign and PvE modes and the area is crawling with Hive and Fallen enemies.

Pacifica is located on top of one of the massive ocean rings of Titan's moon. Bungie also teased a third Crucible map in the game and it will only be exclusive to the console versions.

The video game publisher also announced a new free map at some point in the sequel's second season similar Emperor's Respite, Eternity, and Distant Shore maps.

The "Curse of Osiris" DLC pack will feature the Guardians traveling to the uncharted areas of planet Mercury to find the legendary vanguard, Osiris. The latter holds the key to stop a new Vex army from emerging on the planet and conquer the whole universe. Players can now explore the Infinite Forest and the Lighthouse settlement.

Bungie is also planning to release the second DLC expansion on Spring 2018 and story will depend on the outcome of the first DLC expansion.