Developer Funcom has some big gaming news this week. The developer has just shared new details about a new free expansion for its open world survival video game “Conan Exiles.”

According to Eurogamer.Net, the Norwegian developer has just released a new trailer for the upcoming free expansion. The “Frozen North” will bring entirely new gaming environment to the gaming world. This may include new climate and weather system that will require Conan players to get a new outfit for the new weather condition to avoid death. Funcom said players will be expecting additional landmass, around 70 percent more.

What the new expansion will bring

As mentioned by, the upcoming expansion will introduce new things to the game, which include fish traps, beekeeping, and even cooking. Funcom is also adding a new crafting system which lets players brew their own alcohol to keep them comfortable and warm in the new freezing environment. Additionally, players will also give players the ability to summon the new deity Ymir, the Lord of Storm and War, to help them in combat.

The “Frozen North” expansion will be launched on PC and Xbox One consoles on August 16 alongside the Xbox One version of the survival game "Conan Exiles."

Other gaming-related news

A new "Conan Exiles" Xbox One port is slated to arrive on the Microsoft’s gaming console this coming August 16 as part of the software company’s Game Preview program.

It will be launched alongside the new free expansion "Frozen North."

The Xbox One version will reportedly run concurrently with the PC version and will also get all the same updates and contents that the PC version of the game currently has. The Xbox One version will bring to the crowd a previous “Age of Conan game,” Hyborian Adventures, which was first released on 2008.

“Age of Conan” is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that was first developed by Funcom and published by Eidos Interactive for PC. This MMO game also allows players to create cities and build clans while fighting enemies on the game map, however, the game failed due to the lack of end-game contents to keep players fully engaged and interested.

In addition to the Xbox One port, the game is also being planned for the PS4 console at a later date. The newly announced Xbox One port will allow players to join PC crowd in moving from the original “Exiled Lands” to a new gaming place filled with trees and snow-packed mountains.

Funcom’s “Conan Exiles” is currently on Early Access program. The survival game is slated for full release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in the first quarter of 2018.