"Fortnite" Battle Royale players have been getting numerous updates ever since the video game was released, but the last few updates have been even more amazing. Epic Games added a 50v50 mode to the game, allowing players to team up in huge groups and take on another team. This mode will be even more exciting when the game developer releases a new weapon to the game next week.

Beside the new game mode, "Fortnite" Battle Royale received a few interface changes and it looks much better now. The biggest interface change was an inventory revamp as players can now organize their items more easily and share them with their teammates.

In addition, Epic Games added post-match stats which allow players to see their performance, including damage dealt, distance traveled, and XP earned.

New 'Fortnite' weapon

The latest update added an in-game announcement, saying that "Fortnite" Battle Royale will receive a new weapon next week. The game developer will add a snowball weapon, and considering it's December and a holiday season, this is not surprising at all. Epic Games had a Halloween update for the video game in late October, and they will most likely have a Christmas event.

"These snowballs are 'splodin! Spread holiday cheer by toppling your enemies' strongholds next week!" is what the in-game announcement says. Considering that the new weapon will be used for explosions and that it looks like a grenade launcher, we can guess that the regular grenade launcher will be replaced by this weapon.

Just like the Halloween update replaced a rocket launcher with a pumpkin launcher, the new snowball weapon could be a replacement for the grenade launcher. However, the game developer hasn't revealed more details regarding the announcement, so there's a chance that we might get a brand new weapon in this amazing video game.

More additions

There will be even more exciting additions to "Fortnite" this month. Epic Games revealed some amazing updates, and players are eager to see them in the video game. There will be multiple updates for both Save the World and Battle Royale modes.

The biggest update is the new town that will be placed on the map. This town will have taller buildings and it will look like nothing else in the game. Beside it, the game developer will add more cosmetic items to "Fortnite." It's been a while since players received new skins, and the upcoming skins will be unique and different.