If you have yet to dive into the new "Overwatch Map," Blizzard World, what are you waiting for? With tons of Easter eggs and tributes to all Blizzard’s games, there is no time like the present.

The map has been out in the public test region for just over two weeks and promises to be one exciting ride when it is integrated into the live game. It will literally be a ride since "Blizzard World" is a large amusement park and has everything you could expect from an amusement park, from merchandise stalls to height restriction notices and you can even jump on one of the rides!

Although above all the quirks of the map, the true genius lies in the incorporation of the other five Blizzard games.

The Gameplay

It is an assault/escort map, which means heroes must capture a point and then move a payload to two different other points on the map to win The Game. One team moves the payload and the other tries to stop it.

The defenders of the payload start in the Heroes Arcade, a literal arcade full of bowling alleys and merchandise to the theme of Heroes of the Storm, while the attackers begin in the Hearthstone Tavern, where games of Hearthstone are left on the tables unfinished and the classic theme music fills the air.

Tributes and easter eggs

Once the game has begun, the start of the payload begins outside Snaxxramas (a play on Naxxramas from "World of Warcraft").

The payload route then takes you on a journey through more "Warcraft" references to the Starcraft area where fans will appreciate the Terran music from the first game and the Pylon Terrace and Nexus Experience buildings. The final stretch takes you into the Diablo area where you are taken into Leoric's castle and must lead the payload, which carries Leoric's crown to his throne room.

The progression into each area at first seemed to be in the order in which the games were released, although that is not the case. However, it is still very visually appealing. Fans of Blizzard games will appreciate the amount of thought gone into incorporating the simplest of characteristics to each game area, such as the many weapon racks, urns or bookcases in the Diablo area that are rummaged through to gain loot in the game.

However, it is not only these small tributes to the past but also Easter eggs of the upcoming Battle for Azeroth (WoW) that are found all over the map and include a part of the park which bears a resemblance to the entrance of Stormwind.

However, Blizzard has not given up all its secrets yet. There are still mystery doors, such as the one marked 131 located near the "Warcraft" area, or locked gates to rides, which may, or may not be opened when the map has gone live. It can also be said that maps in the future will reveal the rest of the park.

Regardless, "Blizzard World" is sure to be a favorite among "Overwatch" players and may inspire them to try out the other games in Blizzard's arsenal.