Albeit the community's outrage and the $3.1 billion loss, it may well seem that EA does not learn anything from these as their CFO made an equally unpopular statement in a recent businessman's conference. Also, a data miner has just discovered that "Star Wars Battlefront 2" has a Hidden Character customization menu alongside some unreleased arcade maps.

Microtransactions are here to stay

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen recently spoke at the annual Credit Suisse Technology, Media and Telecom Conference where he spoke about the company. By the time his speech went on to tackle their company's business strategy including the very much despised microtransaction system in their titles, Jorgensen blurted out some things that would definitely irk most gamers.

Per the CFO, he stated that EA does not have any plans whatsoever to change their core strategy. Basically, what Jorgensen tries to relay here is that microtransactions are here to stay and will still be in their titles, though he did mention that the company is "listening and learning."

Jorgensen further explained as to why "Star Wars Battlefront 2" had a loot box-centric microtransaction instead of a cosmetic one. The CFO stated that they have to work within the "Star Wars" mythos since players expect realism from them. He even pointed out that a pink Darth Vader would be inappropriate in the canon.

Cosmetic MTX?

However, a data miner (Uninspired Zebra) has recently unearthed a character customization menu within "Star Wars Battlefront 2." The leakster even uploaded a video showing numerous options on how a player can customize their preferred hero.

In a recent video, Zebra featured some so-called unreleased arcade maps of the game which include Kashyyyk, Jakku, Endor, Hoth, and even Death Star II. That being said, it looks like EA may roll out a microtransaction scheme that mainly focuses on cosmetics now that the loot box MTX was removed from the game.

Meanwhile, EA has just released patch 1.03 for "Battlefront 2." Nonetheless, the update wasn't able to address some major concerns in the game aside from rolling out some bug fixes in the game, especially to its awards screen.

Could be another fiasco

EA's "UFC 3," on the other hand, could be heading the same path as "Battlefront 2" now that it was found out that its Ultimate Team mode (multiplayer mode) will have a loot box microtransaction that is as aggressive as its "Star Wars" counterpart. If "UFC 3's" pay-to-win scheme pushes through, EA can expect another wave of controversy heading their way. Check out a video about "Star Wars Battlefront 2" here: