The latest updates for "Overwatch" reveal the new hybrid map, "Blizzard World" on the PC platform. Blizzard Entertainment announced the new map at the BlizzCon 2017 event alongside Moira, and PC users will now have the chance to play it in the game's Public Test Realm. The map's official release date on the consoles will depend on the results of the PTR.

The video game publisher also announced that Hanzo is now playable in "Heroes of the Storm" PTR along with his list own skill set in the multiplayer online battle arena game.

Blizzard World testing

Blizzard Entertainment launched the "Blizzard World" on the PC platform as the map is a massive culmination of the company's video game titles such as "Warcraft," "StarCraft," "Hearthstone," "Diablo," and more.

Players can visit different Blizzard-themed areas like Hearthstone Tavern, Pylon Terrace, the Terran base, Protoss roller coasters, Snaxramas, and more, The map will start as an Assault type mission wherein the first team must fight the opposing team guarding the checkpoint. Once they reached the checkpoint they will need to guide and protect the payload from the opposing team until they reached its destination.

There are also new character skins for "Overwatch" based from the iconic Blizzard heroes like Nova, Blackhand, Magni Bronzebeard, Immortal, Butcher, and Barbarian

Although Blizzard plans to launch the map in early 2018, video game fans speculated that the map will be available to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions in two or three weeks depending on the players' feedbacks.

Should the map proved to be balanced, then players can expect Blizzard World to launch in "Overwatch" on Tuesday.

The video game publisher also teased this year's "Winter Wonderland" event next month to celebrate the Christmas Holiday.

Hanzo in 'Heroes of the Storm'

"Overwatch's" resident archer Hanzo is now available as a playable character in "Heroes of the Storm's" PTR.

The latter will join the powerful dragon aspect, Alextrasza in the game and he will bring his own arsenal of skills against the Blizzard heroes.

Hanzo's abilities in "Heroes of the Storm" are practically the same in "Overwatch" with an additional ultimate move. His Storm Bow can fire arrows that deal 270 damage and it increases the longer he channels his shot.

Scatter Arrow allows Hanzo to fire multiple arrows that can bounce off structures and terrain within the map. Sonic Arrow allows Hanzo to see a small area on the field.

The archer has two ultimate moves: Dragonstrike and Dragon's Arrow. Dragon'strike allows Hanzo to fire two spirit dragons, while Dragon's Arrow allows him to fire a missile towards a targeted enemy.