With V.1.9 patch, Epic Games added a new trap to "Fortnite" Battle Royale and players love it! The new trap is a Launch Pad and it is very similar to a jump pad. However, beside launching players in the air, it allows them to use their gliders or umbrellas to sneak behind their enemies and eliminate them easily. The pad has unlimited uses which means it's a great tool for moving your squad to a distant place in just a few seconds.

Launch pads can be used for different purposes, and if you don't like surprising your enemies with an aerial attack, you may use the pad to create more separation between yourself and opposing players.

Even though it hasn't been even a day since the game developer added this trap, "Fortnite" players have been very creative when it comes to finding different ways to use the pad against their enemies.

In this article, you can watch some of the most amazing plays performed using a launch pad. These plays should give you some ideas on how to use a launch pad and surprise your enemies!

Launch pad leads to a double kill

Nordtorp95 set a launch pad on top of a two-level structure and used it to sneak behind his enemies. There were two enemies who were hiding behind their own structure, but the player used his umbrella to get behind them and surprise them with a shotgun attack. Shortly after, there were two more players on his kill list and he was rewarded with a great loot!


Right there behind you!

Even though this play only had a single kill in it, it's still very impressive! Crusherz used his launch pad to land behind an enemy player who was already under fire and trying to protect himself. Hiding behind wooden walls was not a great cover as Crusherz's pad launched him right behind his target!

Yes, you read that right. The player landed just an inch away from his enemy, which allowed him to get an easy kill.

Victory Royale pad!

Carnifexed put his pad on a really tall structure and he used it to reach the base of the only remaining enemy team in the game. While the enemy base was relatively far, he was able to reach it with his glider.

The player landed on the top of the enemy base, gaining a valuable combat advantage. His enemies were completely clueless while he dealt devastating damage from above.

The best thing about this play? The player used his Pump Shotgun mid-air to kill the last enemy! Using a launch pad to surprise your enemy and ending the match in such a glorious way has to earn you the top spot!